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[Random Cool] Portugal Wins With This Incredible ‘Evil Dead’ Print Ad!

I feel like a lot of advertisers have lost focus on what advertising is. Many of the ads we see today just go through the motions, so much so that we literally block them out as they’re blasting across our small/big screens. I went to school for advertising, which is why I’m so incredibly sensitive to how something is being sold to me.

“9, the Creative Shop” out of Portugal has shared an extremely impressive print ad for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, which was placed into various newspapers back in April. Title Evil Dead: The Night of the Living Dead in Portugal, the poster was placed on the Obituaries page with a bunch of empty slots where the deceased announcements used to remain. Now that the dead are living, there’s no need for obituaries. “Clever girl,” as Muldoon would say.

What are some of the most memorable ads you’ve seen lately? This is a good exercise to show you how good/bad of a job they’re doing…



  • djblack1313

    so they put an ad for a movie in the obituaries section?! that’s fucking gross and disrespectful. having lost my mother and my brother 2 months apart last year i can safely say this is tacky.

    unless i’m misreading this whole article. if i am please correct me. if i’m not, you need a new line of work Mr.D.

    • mfcmk1

      djblack, Sorry to hear about your mother and brother. I agree that an obituaries page should not have advertisements on it at all, especially something like Evil Dead. Don’t let it get to you, though. I’m sure Mr. D meant no offense.

      • djblack1313

        mfcmk1, thanx for the kind words. yeah, cancer sucks.

        • viking1983

          sorry for your loss, mr d can be a complete dick at times but I am sure no offense was meant

    • Evil_Flip

      I don’t think it’s supposed to be on the real obituary page, it’s just an add pretending to be an obituary page. But don’t take it personal, if you want to make a good add for a horror movie there’s bound to be somebody offended by it. And who cares, it’s not even a good movie anyways.

    • Milk

      If it’s actually in the obituary section then this is indeed tacky. If it’s just shoved somewhere else in the paper and made to look like the obituary section then I don’t see the harm.

      Sorry about your loss.

    • buffyangelspikeyay

      I’m very sorry for your loss, but I don’t think the ad was IN an obit. I think the obit is blank because the people in the movie are like the undead. So they aren’t really dead…I could also be wrong, but I’m sure Mr. D and the creators of this ad had no intention of being disrespectful.

  • pedrojamess

    Hi, I’m portuguese reader of Bloody Disgusting and I think this advertising is fake.
    My dad buys everyday Portuguese newspapers and I’ve never seen the Evil Dead advertising on the obituaries section.

    I was one of the people who organized a petition to Sony Pictures advance the premiere of Evil Dead in Portugal, so I keep contact with Sony Pictures and I’m pretty sure this is not real and is just advertising online, watch the original post on “Evil Dead portuguese Facebook” please:

    Sorry my english, I’m a Portuguese teenager, but I love the Bloody Disgusting and I read every day 🙂

  • Lonmonster

    Awesome marketing.

    • djblack1313

      not really.

      • GoreFaceSupreme

        Hey, you’re all talking about it.

        Therefore, awesome marketing.

  • hoganbcmj

    Here’s my issue with this: The movie isn’t about the dead coming back to life. It’s about the living becoming possessed by demons. This isn’t a zombie movie; it’s a demonic possession movie. So regardless of whether it’s in poor taste, it’s false advertising.

    • ktn

      yeah, funny thing is the title in portugal, night of the living dead, this advertising would fit for that kind of movie, not this one.

      In my opinion its not poor taste(wrong advertising though), but i respect djblack complaining. What i didnt respect was some grown up people complaining about the DONT SKIP IT ads on youtube, children and people with “hearth problems” ok, but 20 something years old people crying on videos, bitching, “PLEASE YOUTUBE, REMOVE THIS AD NOW!”.

      HAHAHA that was epic advertising, not this one.

  • buffyangelspikeyay

    I think this is actually really clever.

  • Darkness69

    This sure is a memorable ad. I hope they didn’t actually put it in the obituaries section and the analogy is a bit off, but otherwise, I’m quite OK with it.

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