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[Random Cool] Portugal Wins With This Incredible ‘Evil Dead’ Print Ad!

I feel like a lot of advertisers have lost focus on what advertising is. Many of the ads we see today just go through the motions, so much so that we literally block them out as they’re blasting across our small/big screens. I went to school for advertising, which is why I’m so incredibly sensitive to how something is being sold to me.

“9, the Creative Shop” out of Portugal has shared an extremely impressive print ad for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, which was placed into various newspapers back in April. Title Evil Dead: The Night of the Living Dead in Portugal, the poster was placed on the Obituaries page with a bunch of empty slots where the deceased announcements used to remain. Now that the dead are living, there’s no need for obituaries. “Clever girl,” as Muldoon would say.

What are some of the most memorable ads you’ve seen lately? This is a good exercise to show you how good/bad of a job they’re doing…




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