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Miguel Drop Kicks Two Women At Billboard Awards Show: Hilarious Video Inside

I have absolutely no idea who Miguel is or why he was performing at the Billboard Awards 2013 ceremony. Then again, I have almost no concept of what “popular” music means anymore since I rarely, if ever, listen to the radio. But at the award ceremony he was, performing some song called “Adorn” and looking like a Michael Jackson/Prince backup dancer when everything went horribly wrong.

See, what happened was Miguel decided that it was a good idea to leap over the crowd from one section of the stage to another. However, he miscalculated the distance and proceeded to drop kick one women in the face and slam into another before landing on his keister and finishing the song holding a woman that looked suspiciously like Sally Struthers.

I could explain it a bit more but I just recommend you watch the video below, complete with commentary from WWE announcer Jim Ross (so good). There’s also a GIF for you to enjoy over and over again.

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