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Just Like ‘Evil Dead,’ the New ‘Poltergeist’ Is A Sequel…


An update to our exclusive story posted yesterday regarding the plot details for the forthcoming Poltergeist “remake.”

Our friends at reveal that the Gil Kenan-directed Sam Raimi-produced reboot – much like the Evil Dead remake – exists in the same world as the previous Poltergeist films. So while it is a ‘reboot’ of the franchise, it’s also somewhat of a sequel – taking place years after the Freeling’s were ran out of town.

They explain that, in one scene in the new film, the kids’ find some things behind the sliding panel in the attic. Yep, you guessed it – they find some of the Freeling’s possessions, intentionally left behind. There’s the Star Wars bed sheets (from Robbie’s room), a black-and-white TV set (why, of course!), and some Christmas decorations.

Although the new film may possess new characters and somewhat of a different storyline, all the “familiar beats” from the original Poltergeist films are in it. You’ll find more on that by clicking the link above.

Thanks to Chris J. for the tip.



  • Aaron Emery

    I would be more open to a sequel done well than a retread of the original.
    I saw ‘Evil Dead’ twice but other than a couple of nods I don’t see it as a sequel. The post-credit stinger was somewhat irrelevant and fairly awful.

    • romeostruedude

      It was relevant. How? Cause Ash is coming back in ARMY OF DARKNESS 2. Then he will meet Mia from the EVIL DEAD ReSeq and then it will be all hail to the King and Queen.

      How do I know this?

      Sam Raimi said so.

      • Jasonicus

        None of that is fact. You are living in a dream world.

  • Kroork

    What in the evil dead remake makes it in the same universe as the original ? Other the justn “choosing to believe that” there is nothing in the movie that states this. Instead the movie is FULL of examples of how it is NOT In the same universe. So, I’m confused how anyo e could even think it. The end credits sequence is a joke, everyone wanted Bruce in it so bam, he is “in the movie ” I truly do not believe it is anything more then that.

    • weresmurf

      The car outside the cabin that’s clearly been there for years, the return to naming the book after its original name etc. Only small hints but they return to being able to link the movie to the *original* Evil Dead rather than 2 or AOD if anything. You really couldn’t link it to 2 as the cabin and car were destroyed, 3 for obvious reasons (more or less follows on from 2 vaguely).

  • romeostruedude

    Fact: Evil Dead is a sequel. The car from the original film is there, same with the fact that the creator has stated that this is a sequel. (The remake storyline and the original will collide and both main characters WILL come together. Ash being the King, and Mia the Queen against fighting Deadites.) Also random:

    Ash and Mia both had their hands removed…but one without the left and the other without the right.

    • BurnetRhoades

      Fact: you need to learn what homage means and how filmmakers use it.

    • BrainFreeze

      The fact that the car is in there should be a clue that it is more of an homage to the original than being a sequel. In “Evil Dead 2”, his car got sucked in to the portal and ended up in medieval Europe and was still there in “Army of Darkness”. His car wouldn’t be at the cabin. Now, if the powers that be decide to ignore the continuity “goof” and make the two films take place in the same universe, so be it. Who am I to argue? The filmmakers have made some very contradictory statements about it being a sequel or a reboot, so who knows.

      • weresmurf

        Unless it’s a sequel to the original ED and not ED2 in which case the car would still be there…

    • GothicGuido

      I’m with everyone else that these are not facts. I have to admit tho, the image of Ash and Mia both hand’s removed king and Queen, in an Army of Darkness backdrop… That’s like the most epic shit imaginable lol. So bravo for putting that image in my head.

  • Voorhees83

    I believe the new “Evil Dead” is set-up to be whatever you want it to be remake or sequel. Bruce’s car being there could have been nothing more then paying homage to the original. Maybe not. I don’t think there’s any proof online that Sam Raimi or anyone involved says this is a sequel. At least I haven’t read it.

    I did read that the 2 Evil Dead universes will collide, however Bruce stated in an interview that it was false. Don’t believe everything you read. People talk. That idea is also a long time away if ever made.

    On to this Poltergeist remake or reboot. I dig the idea that they are treating this as a sort of sequel and not leaving out the house’s history with the original family involved. Could be cool if done right as long as there’s fresh ideas and not a complete downgraded copy of the original.

    • EvilHead1981

      Except both Fede and Sam talked about it. Even though Bruce is a producer, Fede and Sam both have stake in the story aspects of the series, and Bruce doesn’t.

  • EvilHead1981

    Somehow, Requels are much easier to swallow that reboots, because not only do they follow the formula of a reboot by introducing a new cast of character and new story, but it doesn’t shit on the original by saying it never existed. The fact that it exists in the same universe and that the events of the original HAPPENED acknowledges it, and for fans of the originals, I think that’s a world of good. It’s actually a concept that caters to both old and new fans.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I really like that studios are doing this lately. They should do that with every reboot.

    • jchano123

      I second this.

  • flexible-head

    Guys, I’m pretty sure Raimi and Alvarez were joking about all that sequel/remake crossover-in-part-20 business. They’re probably laughing their asses off that the whole internet believed it. I’m not sure about the remake being “in the same universe as the originals”. I noticed Ash’s car outside the cabin, and thought it was cool, but it must just be a homage – it can’t be at the cabin in plot terms because it’s back in medieval times with Ash.

    • Jasonicus

      Exactly. It’s not a sequel. It’s a remake, plain and simple.

  • kaliopeiiiTO

    The intro to the new Evil Dead doesn’t make much sense to me. Who were the people inthe beginning? What were they doing there when the cabin belonged to mia and David at the same time?

    • Jasonicus

      And why would they leave behind such an important book?

      • kaliopeiiiTO

        I get the reason for showing them but I don’t get how all of them got to the house when it was Mias and Davids at the time.

        • weresmurf

          It’s a cabin up in the woods that hillbillies knew about, they figured it was abandoned so they took the child, possessed by the demon up there to exorcise her with the father. The girl escaped, the recaptured her and exorcised the demon via fire and a big ole’ shotgun blast.

          What surprised me, was they never considered burial???

  • Jasonicus

    They can say it all they want, but Evil Dead is so tonally different there is no way it is a sequel. It was a clear reboot.

    • weresmurf

      It was tonally inline with the first movie, not the 2nd and 3rd though.

  • diapers

    I’ll gobble up requels as much as the next fellow, but am starting to tire of this overall trend. Besides Maniac 2013, that is 😉


    Left behind? In what attic? Wasn’t the entire house sucked into the gateway/portal at the end leaving only the home’s foundation? LOL 😀 I’m guessing they’re going to start the film with a different ending to the original film to make it work… or something. I honestly was a little excited to hear about this being remade. Mainly I wanted it to be an R film than a PG13. I always felt that the original, even though it was good, was too much of a Spielberg and less of a Hooper film. Now that it’s being unleashed as a possible sequel? I’m not sure how to feel now. I would like to see more the past of Kane/Kain and his followers. 😛

  • straighttohell86

    This is the way to go, as there is no point in doing a “remake” of a well made classic.

  • kaliopeiiiTO

    First of all… Sorry for my bad english, I am french (I know it’s horrible). Nobody is perfect. 🙂

    I think like Jadama.

    A remake of “Poltergeist is an heresy for me. But a sequel, is not a bad idear. But what i read about the things left behind in the attic left me a very bad feeling. What the fuck there is no attic anymore cause at the end of the first one there is no house at all. So nothing can stay. It would have been cool to introduce Reverend Kane again, cause he was a marvelous addition to the Poltergeist mythology.

    I definitly hope the film will not be a stupid disguised remake like that crapy but visually beautifull “Evil Dead” remake.

    Sincerlly i do nt trust Raimi since a long time about nothing for me he became a money maker that doesn’t car about the fans. He promise an “Evil Dead 4 since how long time.

    If he finish to do it Campbell will be very overweighted ands old.

    So Sincerly i hope he has new look at “Poltergeist” before toutching it.

  • Elutherios

    Loving this new idea of requels, instead of plain reboots that stray off from the original source. Loved Evil Dead!

  • Milk

    I go away for a couple days and I come back to this? I don’t know how to feel about this. Poltergeist was one of my favorite horrors when I was growing up. (The Gate was my favorite and still is a classic in my mind).

    I do agree that I prefer a requel to a reboot since they can never live up to the fans expectations. I’ve only seen Poltergeist about a 100 times so I guess it would be nice to see a new version of it.. If it’s good that is.

  • jchano123

    I’m not so sure how i feel about another Poltergeist movie, especially with Heather O’Rourke being dead. She was the icon of the Poltergeist movies.


    Am I the only one that noticed that Insidious was pretty much an (in my opinion) awesome, updated, unofficial remake of Poltergeist? I mean, they are different movies; like how it wasn’t the house that was haunted (which would be a cool surprise were it actually a remake), but honestly, pretty much the same thing happens, plot-wise.

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