[TV] AMC Has No Plan To End "The Walking Dead" (Even Though I've Ended It Already...) - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] AMC Has No Plan To End “The Walking Dead” (Even Though I’ve Ended It Already…)



Even though I’ve read nearly all the comics (I’m a bit behind), I feel like I’m the sole hater of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” television series. It’s frustrating that people aren’t seeing what I’m seeing, but I also respect that many of you guys love it. So, while I’d love to see AMC take the show in a new direction, or even reboot it the right way, the cabler promises that there’s no end in sight for the zombie series (unless you count deleting the series from your DVR).

AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan said Wednesday that “Breaking Bad,” which ends its run next year, and “Mad Men,” which ends the year after that, are a couple of the best shows in the history of television, and that he sees no end in sight to “The Walking Dead,” says THR.

“The Walking Dead” is in just its third season and has a lot more to go.

We hope that zombies live forever, and we’ve just begun to find out what the post-apocalyptic world is like,” said Sapan, “so that we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that “Walking Dead” is not over … at that point, I think any one of the companies will have replaced the United States government and we’ll be in a complete free enterprise world in which there are no nations.

I’ve grown incredibly frustrated with AMC’s treatment of the series, and their inability to openly acknowledge the criticism. Because of the strong ratings, they continue to rub it in our noses that they know what’s best. This doesn’t mean the show has to be bad, in fact, eventually people will catch on. Much like each season before, I continue to keep faith alive that they’ll right the ship and get things on the correct course – only this time they have to convince me to start watching again…