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‘Dead Island’ Dev Reveals Next-Gen Horror Game ‘Dying Light’



Techland, the makers of Dead Island, are working on a brand new horror game for current and next-gen consoles. It’s called Dying Light, and it has you surviving in a tropical setting, fighting off zombies with the weapons you craft… wait. This sounds familiar.

Okay, yes, Dying Light shares some rather striking similarities to Techland’s past work, but what sets this game apart is its new Mirror’s Edge-esque free-running system — which you’ll need to master in order to escape the monsters that hunt you — as well as a dynamic day/night cycle that plays a key role in the gameplay. For example, during the day you’ll need to scavenge for supplies while fighting off the slow zombies that roam about when it’s light outside. When the sun sets, the zombies become more dangerous, and new creatures come out to play. First look after the break.

I can’t help but look at this like its Techland’s attempt to bring us the open world zombie game they promised when they debuted that amazing, heart-wrenching trailer a few years back. They’ve learned from their mistakes with Dead Island and its pseudo-sequel Riptide, and now they’re ready to give us the game we’ve been asking for. I could be way off, it’s just my opinion.

Dying Light releases on next-gen and current-gen Consoles, as well as PC in 2014.

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