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Gamers Aren’t Very Excited About The Xbox One

Unless you’ve been living in the mountains, under a rock, perhaps in a city in the sky, or stranded on an island then you know about the recently announced Xbox One. I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty jacked for the new Xbox. And the new Playstation. And really why shouldn’t I be? We are creeping up slowly on 8 years since our last big system upgrades. It’s time for something new. Technology is moving so fast and has come so far in the past 10 years. However, a decent amount of gamers don’t see it that way. In a poll by UK based website VoucherCodesPro 52% of the 1,112 gamers that took the poll were “underwhelmed” by the reveal. Head past the break to see the full results.

‘What words from the list do you think would best describe your initial impression of the Xbox One following its unveiling?’ That is what was asked of those in the poll. Voters were allowed to vote multiple times if they felt it necessary.

1. Excited – 59%
2. Underwhelmed – 52%
3. Enthusiastic – 44%
4. Indifferent – 39%
5. Disappointed – 27%

61% of gamers chose the Playstation 4’s release over the Xbox One’s.

What are you guys more excited about at this point, and what can Microsoft do to get you to buy an Xbox One?

How do you feel about the Xbox One?




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