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Gamers Aren’t Very Excited About The Xbox One

Unless you’ve been living in the mountains, under a rock, perhaps in a city in the sky, or stranded on an island then you know about the recently announced Xbox One. I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty jacked for the new Xbox. And the new Playstation. And really why shouldn’t I be? We are creeping up slowly on 8 years since our last big system upgrades. It’s time for something new. Technology is moving so fast and has come so far in the past 10 years. However, a decent amount of gamers don’t see it that way. In a poll by UK based website VoucherCodesPro 52% of the 1,112 gamers that took the poll were “underwhelmed” by the reveal. Head past the break to see the full results.

‘What words from the list do you think would best describe your initial impression of the Xbox One following its unveiling?’ That is what was asked of those in the poll. Voters were allowed to vote multiple times if they felt it necessary.

1. Excited – 59%
2. Underwhelmed – 52%
3. Enthusiastic – 44%
4. Indifferent – 39%
5. Disappointed – 27%

61% of gamers chose the Playstation 4’s release over the Xbox One’s.

What are you guys more excited about at this point, and what can Microsoft do to get you to buy an Xbox One?

How do you feel about the Xbox One?



  • undertaker78

    Count me in as one the “Underwhelmed” voters.

    I would choose the Playstation 4 over the Xbox One any day of the week.


    I cant wait. this is going to change consoles forever.

    • weresmurf

      Of course it is! With something like TV you would have to! REMEMBER TV PEOPLE! TV! It’s going to have TV! TV! AND COD! AND TV! AND TV! God forbid you integrate social media aspects that people are more likely to use, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO WATCH THE TV, while SKYPING, while PLAYING… THE TV.

      Oh it supposedly also plays games.

    • sascha henschel

      no it’s not.

      • sascha henschel

        oh, maybe yes but in the way that consoles are no longer for playing games. then you’re of course right.

  • GerryButton

    Passing on this. I have owned each major console since the Nintendo 64/Playstation/Dreamcast generation, and this is the first time I can safely say I am passing on a console.

    This generation, Microsoft and Sony are polar opposites as to what they are offering. Sony is basically giving gamers what they want, and Microsoft are throwing in a TON of features no one will really use or care for.

    And as for the whole Halo Television series? I see that series as more so Halo The Series : Buy Halo 5.

    • ZodModule

      I didn’t know you spoke for everyone. No one will use any of the extra features?

  • chris99x

    I’m underwhelmed. I mean, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as we expect, but the entire new generation seems underwhelming. Of the new consoles, I’ll probably go with PS4, which is interesting since I went from PS2 to 360 last gen change. The new Xbox, based on what we’ve seen, has nothing that jumps out at me as new or exciting. Sony, with the announcements regarding used games, self publishing, etc., just seems to be more gamer-oriented. I probably won’t buy either right away, but I’ll shoot for the PS4.

    I understand Xbox will supposedly focus on games at E3, but I can’t believe they showed so little. Who cares about multi-platform Call of Duty and sports titles? Quantum Break…yeah, I don’t know. Seems like a really ambitious project, but it’s too hard to judge it from a shoddy teaser.

  • dirtyghettok

    When I get a ‘console’, (magic box to me)I get it for one reason.. To play games, that’s it. Gamers nowadays expect that,, plus unicorns farting rainbows over clouds of glory with there self entitlement.. My opinion is get real and enjoy them for what they were actually intended for, playing, say it with me now,, playing, games and having fun. None are going to be perfect and that’s why we have all these shows and articles,,, to give us a taste and heads up so you know what you’re buying ahead of time. Sorry for my rant, not necessarily directed to any of us, just so many people whining about it, like they do with all the other past consoles. But I’ll end with this. Your imagination, use it. You don’t need picture perfect 100% everything. Don’t let the child side of yourself fade away.. We’re all too good and bright for that…

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m disappointed. They just threw so much extra stuff into the console that it really doesn’t need. They didn’t focus on any games except for the annual Call of Duty aka Paranormal Activity syndrome and sports this, sports that. I don’t like shooters and I don’t like sports. I buy a console to play games. I’d only buy the new Xbox if there was a really awesome exclusive or exclusives that I would want to play. Other than that, I can’t see me owning one. Ever since this “console war” started with Sony and Microsoft, I’ve always sided with PlayStation. They said it best themselves, they care about the gamer.

    • weresmurf

      Indeed, something about this generation feels like Sony is going to find its feet again and MS is about to find its Saturn…

      • Adam Dodd

        They feel too arrogant. It’s like they think they’ve forever captured the core gamer with the 360, so now all they have to do is bring in more casual gamers with the One’s non-gaming features and they’re going to “win.”

        Unfortunately, Sony made this exact same mistake with the PS3. After the success of the PS2, they thought they could do no wrong. It took them the latter half of this console cycle to get back on their feet. Hopefully I’m wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  • Dan

    I really like the console but the graphics were a letdown.

  • Milk

    Count me in as one of the many that is underwhelmed. I’m mainly a PC gamer but I do own a wii, ps3 and 360. I will not be getting the xbox 1. They overlooked everything that is about gaming to me and added so much crap that I honestly don’t get a rats ass about. I will however purchase a ps4.

    If you haven’t seen this video yet, enjoy.

    • sascha henschel

      your video link nailed it.

      I get the feeling that Microsoft might be afraid about an Apple TV set/device.

  • SelfishMan912

    i really want to like the new xbox, but there’s so many things they fucked up on. i dont have too big of an issue with the always online thing, but i don’t like how the kinect is always on, and no backwards compatibility at all is ridiculous. but the real deal breaker for me was the pre-owned game fee (which, to my understanding, is full msrp). on top of all this, if you watch interviews that microsoft reps have done with youtube channels such as rev3, they sound like they don’t have the slightest clue what they’re talking about and dodge certain questions like they’re toxic. they’re either gonna have to blow me away at E3 or resolve (or at least provide a valid answer to) the issues that have been being brought up.

    i understand that ps4 has said that they wont charge a fee for pre-owned games, but i’ve also heard that if the devs want to charge some sort of fee they’re allowed to. either way, this boosted the ps4’s appeal for me from “not interested at all” to “i will probably buy one”.

  • sascha henschel

    Sorry, but I’m disappointed by both systems.
    Their only purpose is no longer gaming, it’s now consuming movies, social networking etc.
    These new machines were created to max out earnings on other levels.

    Also it’s not such a big leap in performance and or hardware like it was e.g. at my change from the SNES to the PS1, or from the PS2 to the PS3 or XBox360.
    Did anyone remember these days where a NeoGeo outperforms everything available on the market for years?
    Why not creating simply a real high end gaming machine that’s easily outperforms the PC, I mean something special for gaming like the NeoGeo was.
    Don’t get me wrong Battlefield4 looks great, but maybe it could be realized that way too on the PS3…

    And what happened to Jump’n’Runs, the Shmup and the Beat’em’Up genre?
    I love ego shooters, racers and adventures too, but there are way too much these days and of course games are way too easy today.

  • Incinerated

    Potentially smart design priorities from Microsoft. Technology that’s small, portable, and does it all is on the rise. They’re trying to tap into that does-it-all market. It could pay off if it actually does draw in the mainstream masses who wouldn’t be considered gamers in the traditional sense.

    It’s not something I want, but I also don’t like hearing people say the desktop PC is dead. Things have been shifting for a while now.

  • SkullBunnie

    I way more excited for the next gen Xbox over the PS. Microsoft understands the market better, has a better selection of games and a much better online presence that isn’t hacked every two months. Of course that could all change if Sony steps up their content game, and avoids their abysmal model from the PS3

    • divisionbell

      MS and Sony generally have the same games. The MS exclusives really aren’t that unique. Sony has had a much better selection of exclusives to date. From the looks of it so far, Sony is going to take back the market it had before the PS3 fiasco.

  • brianunfried

    I don’t think I can afford one, I don’t play games every day. From what I’ve seen so far it appears it will be very expensive to own a Xbox One. To take advantage of all its features you will have to pay a good chunk of money every month.

    Xbox Live $
    Internet Service $$
    Full Priced Games/Used Game License $$$
    Cable TV/DVR Service $$$$$$$
    Plus Netflix, Hulu, NFL or what ever extra services you choose to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • ZodModule

      Sony are offering all their extra services for free?

  • zafisher94

    I’ve never been a huge gamer, but I have always owned a PlayStation. I went from PS1-PS2-PS3. For the first time, I was open to maybe getting the new Xbox. It’s safe to say that I will definitely be sticking with PlayStation. Although sadly my primary use for my PS3 is as a blu-ray player, I still prefer the PS4 features compared to XBoxOne. If for nothing else, PS internet is free and you have to pay for Xbox.

  • Canucklehead

    The fact that there is just not enough sales numbers to limit a machine to simply a gaming console means you have to look to broaden the machine’s appeal. That having been said, TV sucks so I will choose the machine that I think appeals as more of a gaming console, PS4.


    If Microsoft TRULY wants the Xbox One to be the center of the home entertainment system, then they have to STOP charging money for XBox Live Gold. There are too many electronic devices that do the same thing the XBox does for free after your initial purchase – Roku, DVD Players, TVs. None of them charge a web access fee for what they do.
    XBox One is more of the same in services and usability with some improvement in gaming quality. Not quite worth waiting 8 years for, IMO.

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