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What Can Microsoft Do To Change Your Mind About The Xbox One?

It’s no secret. The Xbox One reveal was met with near universal boos. TJ and I talked about our expectations for the console, and you’ve made it clear the console hasn’t quite piqued your interest. At the time of this writing, nearly 50% of the 1,300 BD readers who voted in our poll said you aren’t just underwhelmed by the Xbox One, you’re actually disappointed. That’s serious. When I was young and did something stupid — as I often did — I’d know I was in deep trouble if my parents said they weren’t angry, they were disappointed.

So, I have to ask, what can Microsoft do to transform your disappointment into an ‘Enthusiastic’, or even an ‘Excited’? Is it their policy on used games, the required Internet connection, the Kinect, the redesigned controller, the games — what?

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  • Taboo

    I would be happy if we didn’t have to keep paying for Xbox Live Subscription..

  • cerealkiller

    I have no problem with the fee. I just wish it wasn’t required for access to EVERYTHING. Especially, things I already have to pay for separately, like Hulu and Netflix.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Frankly, I don’t think there’s anything they can do to change my mind. They just screwed themselves over. I know a lot of people keep saying they’re going to reserve their judgement until E3, but I really don’t think that’s going to help any. I can guarantee you most of their exclusives are going to consist of shooters and Kinect games, neither of which I’m interested in. I mean, I’ve seen some people in the comments on YouTube saying they’re huge Xbox fans, but they’re switching to PlayStation. That’s a big deal. Microsoft is going to need a miracle for people to flock back to them. I’m sure the Call of Duty/Halo games will sell plenty of One systems alone, so I don’t see them having any problems making some good money. But damn, did they screw the pooch at their conference.

    • Milk

      I was never a PS fangirl. I purchased “the first generation” xbox and the 360. I will not buy the xbox one. I will be switching to the PS4. I am part of the group switching to Sony. I do not respect Microsoft for the things they’ve done with this release.

  • pyrepunk

    Not shit…lol I’m just going to stick with my PlayStation and Computer…didn’t care much for my Xbox360 and traded it for a PS3 and had a way better experience.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Lower Live Fees (or let me use my external apps without it), carry over my arcade purchases, make kinect optional, get better exclusives THAT aren’t all scifi (gears… halo… mass effect). I’ve been a huge xbox fanboy but XBOXONE just isn’t cutting it for me.

  • Golic

    as someone who isn’t a fan of Microsoft or Xbox, I’m loving this shit.

  • yzzordorex

    Fairly simple: don’t be creepy.
    – make the kinect optional
    – disable all function when it’s turned off

  • SelfishMan912

    eliminate the used game fee and make the kinect optional. that’s it for me.

  • divisionbell

    Kinect would need to be optional, no mandatory Internet connection, and no fee for used games. As it stands right now I’ll be sticking with my 360.

    • divisionbell

      Also being backwards capatible would have made a huge difference for me. Too bad.

  • Sirengx

    At this point? Nothing.

    They’ve made a mess of everything and I didn’t trust Microsoft before, I definitely don’t trust them now. They’ve taken advantage of their core audience for too long, and it still irks me that you have to PAY to play online. So you pay for internet not only once, but twice.

    *shrug* Oh well. I’ll stick to Sony.

    • statik107

      What about Playstation Plus? Do you have a problem with that?

      • ThunderDragoon

        Of course they don’t have a problem with PlayStation Plus. You don’t have to pay a fee on the PS3 just to access simple things like Netflix and YouTube or play online. Plus is just a cool option they give players. It’s not required to do anything.

        • Milk

          I hate this as well. I hate having to pay a live fee just to access netflix. Not only do I have to pay my cable bill and my netflix fee but I also have to play an xbox fee? Stupid.

      • statik107, Based on your comment I don’t think you know what plus is. all games on playstation can be played online for free, and all apps like netflix can run on the PSN with out having to pay for plus. plus is like a big discount pack for ppl that like downloading games. lots of free games and good discounts on others. there are a few perks like automatic updates and cloud storage, but Playstation Plus is 100% nothing like Xbox live…

        • statik107

          Fair enough. Thanks for the info. I still enjoy my online experience more with xbox live compared to PS3 though. Just my preference…

  • statik107

    First off I’ve been a gamer all my life and have had almost every system since the Atari 2600. I own an xbox 360 and a PS3. I play my xbox a lot more than the PS3 and I use it to stream all my netflix, amazon, etc. content. I’m not sure what the big dissapointment is about xbox one. Yeah I know I’m with you on the used games fiasco but Sony is still not giving us straight answers also. Did anyone read the latest article where Sony stated it’s about games but they’re also going for an all in one entertainment box. Microsoft did their reveal backwards so I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from. It seems like one person jumps on the hate bandwagon and people follow to sound cool.

    • Milk

      So what if they’re going for an all-in-one? They are probably doing that for two reasons. The first so they can compete with xbox since that seems to be Microsofts #1 sell point. Secondly why not add it if you can?

      People don’t dislike the xbox one because of the all-in-one aspect. They dislike xbox one because of the slimy practices that Microsoft is pulling. There isn’t a hate bandwagon. Gamers are offended and pissed off that Microsoft is using these dirty tactics. Gamers should be pissed off when giant companies try to rip the control and rights out of our hands.

  • Canucklehead

    They could magically turn it into a PS4 for me

  • Milk

    What do they have to do?

    1. Make it so you don’t have to have a 24/7 connection to play on your own fucking console. What if someone is buying a system because they don’t have internet and want something to do?

    2. Make it so games can be played on any system rather than just the one you register it on. Essentially you’re just renting the game for a long time not actually owning it.

    3. I don’t care about the kinect and I don’t want it connected constantly. I don’t want to have to use voice commands. It’s shit.

    4. Change the name. Xbox One? It’s so confusing. There is already an xbox one. It’s the first xbox.

    5. Make gaming a priority. I understand that they are going to focus more on gaming at E3 but the unveil was terrible. I don’t care about sports. I also don’t care about tv. I care about.. Oh I don’t know? Games?

    6. Cawadooty. Enough COD.

    7. Xbox Arcade won’t transfer over. Why not? Everything else is going to transfer. You essentially have to repurchase everything all over again. They expect gamers to do this. Um.. No?

    I don’t care about monthly fees. All of these things on their own are shitty but when you amount them all together into one console I see how terrible it is. I won’t change my mind now. I won’t buy another xbox. The gamers are the ones suffering from all these stupid mistakes. When I see a company have such little respect for their consumers it makes me walk away from them. I will leave the xbox for the little children and sports enthusiasts.

    I will be buying a ps4 and HOPEFULLY a steam box if that ever happens. I would buy a steam box in half a heart beat. Valve may be a company with the bottom line in mind, but they respect their audience and know what gamers want. Microsoft is so out of touch.

    Sorry for the long rant.

  • ReplicA

    The thing about being able to transfer codes, so you can have a used game market is missing another point. If I want to let my friend borrow a game, he has to pay full price for it. But the point they were trtying to make with this DRM, was “used games are bad for developers”, now they’re saying you can use the code to be able to sell your used games… CONFUSING!!

    Also, I have internet, but it’s not on my xbox. I don’t have a newer one, with the built in wifi, I have the older one that you had to buy an attachment for, to be able to use wifi. $75 for the thing… God forbid they allow you to use a regular USB wifi adapter, but I digress. I don’t play online games, ever. I don’t pay for Xbox live. I did for one year, and used it for a combined total of about 2 weeks (not including netflix). So why should I have to have an internet connection?

    Again, DRM is here to hurt honest people, while the hackers, and modders will rescue the ones who are sick of being treated like shit, because MS can’t think up a way to do this without fucking people over.

    I second the Steam box, btw. Valve know what they’re doing with pricing games.

    (side note: why did I have to use IE to sign in to Bloodydisgusting? I normally use Firefox)

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