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What Can Microsoft Do To Change Your Mind About The Xbox One?

It’s no secret. The Xbox One reveal was met with near universal boos. TJ and I talked about our expectations for the console, and you’ve made it clear the console hasn’t quite piqued your interest. At the time of this writing, nearly 50% of the 1,300 BD readers who voted in our poll said you aren’t just underwhelmed by the Xbox One, you’re actually disappointed. That’s serious. When I was young and did something stupid — as I often did — I’d know I was in deep trouble if my parents said they weren’t angry, they were disappointed.

So, I have to ask, what can Microsoft do to transform your disappointment into an ‘Enthusiastic’, or even an ‘Excited’? Is it their policy on used games, the required Internet connection, the Kinect, the redesigned controller, the games — what?

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