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I Want This Life-Size Nemesis Bust Right Now

Hollywood Collectibles recently unveiled a new addition to their store, and it has a face only a mother could love. Okay, fine, I love it too. Standing at 28″ tall and 26″ wide, this life-size Nemesis bust is made of fiberglass and hand painted with an extraordinary attention to detail. It looks intimidating, but I think it’s safe to say the scariest thing about it is its $800 price tag. That’s like, 800 Mountain Dews.

In related news, my birthday is coming up and since none of you bought me anything last year, this would be a mighty good way of making that up to me. If you do, I’m willing to share pictures of Nemmy — that’s what I’ll call him, Nemmy — and my first date. I’m thinking Chinese food and a horror movie. Do you think Nemmy would mind if we watched Resident Evil?

If you have the money and have ever dreamt about how cool it’d be to have a sleepover with Nemesis, you should definitely continue ignoring your friends and family’s pleas for psychiatric care and instead spend your cash on this guy. You can get him at Hollywood Collectibles.

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