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Xbox One Won’t Charge For Used Games, Has Plans For Military Use

Finally, some good news. According to a source close to Microsoft, the newly unveiled Xbox One will not require a fee to reactivate and play used games. Instead, it’ll require a regular authentication check of every game as it’s being played — hence, the required Internet connection. This hasn’t been, nor is it likely to be, confirmed by Microsoft until E3. It sounds like they’re still working it out internally. That may explain the contradicting reports about the Xbox One’s Internet requirements and whether or not it blocks used games.

In related news, Microsoft has confirmed they are experimenting with offering codes for people in Internet-free situations, like soldiers on active duty, to let them play offline.

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  • Sirengx

    I won’t believe this until Microsoft actually announces it (which I doubt, because they’re adamant about the used games thing, since developers are in talks to name their own prices in games).

    Even still, this whole thing is a clustermess.

    • SelfishMan912

      completely agree.

  • The only reason this occurred is because of the massive outcry (about 75%) of gamers who stood up and said “um, no. This is crap.”

    Never let it be said your voice is never heard. It just needs to be a sea of outcry that basically says “I’m going to go over to your competitor. Thanks hun.”

  • EvilHead1981

    I don’t think they even know what the hell they are doing. None of Microsoft’s people, PR or even the executives, know what the hell is going on. They’ve all given different answers to what is happening. Either they are all out of the loop and they are keeping options open, or they are all lying their asses off trying to shift blame and spin it so the media looks like the enemy.

    That being said, the rumor has it that Sony was going to follow Microsoft and do the “fee for used game” thing, but after the backlash following the XBONE reveal, they are rethinking the situation and the mere thought of including such a feature has been put on “hold”. LOL! Publishers, Developers, faceless corporations, remember WHO’S REALLY in charge! You want our money? We’re happy to shell it out if you don’t fuckin treat us like idiots or try to TELL us HOW we should be gaming. YOu want us to continue to be loyal customers, you have to give us a reason we SHOULD be!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    They really just dug their own grave with the decisions they made with the Xbox One, didn’t they? Most gamers, even loyal Xbox fans, are turning against them because of their stupid decisions. I hope for the sake of the fans that this all blows over and everything will be cleared up at E3 because this whole thing is ridiculous.


    loyal xbox fan but see no reason to get this. first console was an xbox but really do i want another halo?

  • weresmurf

    “We’re offering special codes to our service men and women to enter to activate their games when they’re in internet free areas to play offline! All they have to do is enter their code once, activate their game and…”

    “Wait what? Enter their code once and…”

    “Yes! Great isn’t it! Enter the code once, activate the game and they can play it!”

    “They’re in an internet free area… how can they enter the code?”

    “Thats the beauty of it, with this code they don’t have to be connected to the net to play! Just enter the code once, register the game by activating it, and wow! You can play offline!”

    “But… internet free area… cannot go online…”

    “I Know! This special code handles that! Allows you to play offline! Just register your code and…”


    “This code means you don’t NEED to use the net! Just enter it, register your game and…”

    *BANG* “Fuck it. Get a ps4.”

  • Ando

    Get a PS4…..maybe not now

    TV host and industry pundit Geoof Keighley has said on tonight’s Bonus Round TV show that, according to his sources, Sony is looking at some form of digital rights management for the sale of used games.

    • weresmurf


      I may change that to ‘Get a fucking book and a pen and draw shit’. It’s the way we’re going now.

  • Frank Zito

    It’s far too late, Microsoft. The people have already spoken. Haha, a special code that magically makes the Internet appear. There’s also a special potion that downloads digital games, it’s apparently made out of Bill Gates’ shit.

  • Ultrazilla

    I’m not sure I understand the weird comments people are making about the offline codes. Why would they need internet to key in a code? The code would simply override the systems need to use the net for verification of used games. Why is this so difficult to comprehend for some of you???

    • joevart1017

      its the registration aspect of it. you cant register shit without connection.

      this isnt going to work anyway. digital downloads are a bad idea with every isp capping data and throttling speed after a certain point

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