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‘DayZ’ Enters Closed Alpha, Creator Details Pricing Model

Dean Hall and his team have been hard at work on DayZ, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival mod that will soon become a standalone game — and possibly come to consoles — and it would seem they’re still on track. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Hall described how players can get into the closed alpha, saying “What we’re doing at the moment is, we gave free keys as a gift to the forum moderators, the Reddit moderators, people who helped out with DayZ development, and stuff like that.” He went on to confirm the DayZ public alpha will not come sooner than June, after they’ve thoroughly tested the server-client architecture.

As for how much the standalone game will cost, Hall said “People pay X amount of dollars and they get early, cheap access to it, and then once it’s beta, price goes up, maybe, say, $10, and once it goes retail, the price goes up $10.”

Gamasutra via Polygon

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