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5 Overrated Horror Movies!!!

A few weeks back I shared a list I took a lot of joy in, 5 Underrated Horror Movies. Some of you may doubt this, but I always take more pleasure in saying positive things than I do in trashing films. I often don’t like the energy associated with the occasional vitriolic outburst I have against whatever film I feel has wasted my time that day. As much as I unleashed on something like Wrong Turn 5, I often feel bad about it afterward. That doesn’t mean I don’t stand by that review – I do. I stand by every word, but hating something is always a bummer. I think there’s a wider perception that critics enjoy writing bad reviews, when in my experience we would all much rather just see good movies every day of the week.

This is all a long way of saying that, while I do find the films in this list to be “overrated,” I don’t necessarily think all of them are “bad.” I’m not here to kick sand in their eye. It’s just interesting to look back on movies whose legacies have weathered the years and re-evaluate them with the perspective that only the passage of time can offer.

Head below for my list of 5 Overrated Horror Movies!!!


The Crow isn’t necessarily a bad film but considering the rabidness of its fan base almost 20 years later you’d think it would be some kind of masterpiece. It isn’t. It’s elevated by a good performance from Brandon Lee, but narratively speaking it’s a disjointed mess. I feel like the perception of the film benefitted from the legend of Lee’s tragic demise and its release during the height of goth’s popularity in 1994. Both of those factors and the nostalgia that surround them obscure the film’s weaknesses.


I know a lot of people prefer New Nightmare over Scream, which is insane to me. The film has a bunch of interesting post-modern concepts, stuff that Scream would later improve upon (and make entertaining to boot), but the execution here is haphazard. The design of the “new” Freddy isn’t remotely frightening or aesthetically pleasing and the film is too in love with its ideas to let them play out organically. Almost 20 years later, this film feels forced – a interesting demo of something Craven would polish to a high sheen just two years later.


The Omen is a good film, but it’s not really the classic many suggest it is. I’ve seen some people place it in a similar league as The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby, which feels off base to me. It has some great moments, a great cast and a good premise, but the tone of the piece too often veers towards camp. Now, normally I’m good with camp, but I feel like The Omen takes itself too seriously to go all the way with it. As a result, the film is stuck somewhere between “good” and “great.” Director Richard Donner quickly moved on to superior material.


This is sort of the opposite problem. I know not many people think of I Know What You Did Last Summer as a classic, but the fact that it gets any consideration at all is beyond me. Step away from the 1997 moment you may be re-living whenever you watch this film and marvel at how it ever became a thing to begin with. It’s pretty laughable stuff. So in terms of being overrated – some people actually think this film is decent. Decent would be rating it too high.


I LOVE Joe Dante. Love him. Gremlins and Gremlins 2 are two of my favorite movies ever, so whenever I write about this film it pains me. I know I pile on The Howling every now and then but it’s just because I’m sort of mystified that it has the status it does. It’s a decent film, of course. I just think that Dante’s name, some really good effects work and perhaps one of the greatest posters of all time have somehow convinced people that this is one for the ages. It’s not. The pacing is off and the setting – which should be ripe for a pulpy lark – is never fully utilized.

It’s not even in the Top 5 Joe Dante films for me. I place The Burbs, Explorers and the aforementioned Gremlins films way above it. Truth be told? I even prefer his underrated recent effort The Hole.



  • weresmurf

    Sorry, but in what odd world is The Crow a horror movie?

    • JADAMA

      I agree!

    • Evan3

      @weresmurf – he never said it was horrible, just overrated. I think the Crow is a good movie, but I wouldn’t call it a classic. The makeup and set design is great as is Brandon Lee, but the story is a mess, the action scenes are wholly unmemorable and the plot is weak. So, a good movie – sure! But it only is as revered as it is due to the Brandon Lee tragedy.

      • LoliZombie

        And weresmurf never said that the author said the movie was bad. The Crow is not a horror movie so by default does not belong on the list. The argument that is overrated can easily be made but not an overrated horror film because it’s not a horror film.

  • divisionbell

    New nightmare is incredibly overrated. It had a good concept but awful execution in nearly every way.

    • weresmurf

      I agree it was very flawed but it did have a few genuinely great moments, like the scene where Freddy kills the woman in the hospital room. That was just fantastic.

      • divisionbell

        If the rest of the movie had been as great as that scene I would hve loved it. It was a perfect sequence.

    • weresmurf

      Oh and upon rewatching just now, nowhere near as good as I remember, but still better than most Elm St movie murders in the later movies except 1 and 3, but look at the blood as soon as Freddy stabs her lol. From the moment she hits the floor its constant faults. no blood pool then suddenly a huge one. Then he drags her across the Xray monitor, NO blood, next scene massive blood spatter and streak across it. Kinda funny they didn’t notice that???

  • DarrelDreadful

    I agree with this entire list. However, IKWYDLS I dont believe is overrated, Im not sure what it should be considered but it has one of the best chase scenes ever! IMO

    • MansonPIG

      Wow, you must be like 14.

      • djblack1313

        MansonPIG, wow, you must be like a douche.

        Darrel, i agree the chase scene in IKWYDLS with Helen is IMO the best chase scene ever.

        • divisionbell

          I think that honor would have to go to Point Break.

          Or Tenebrae since the great chase scene also involves the most badass guard dog of all time.

        • Jim

          “i agree the chase scene in IKWYDLS with Helen is IMO the best chase scene ever.”

          haha you can’t be serious can you? how many movies have you seen in your life? like 50?

          • kira2879

            Blades of Glory has the best chase scene ever on ice skates. IKWYDLS not really. I remember this movie being bad but fun to see in the movies with a group of people.

    • Primeus

      Lol you have to be 25 or younger. You saying that scene is better then the iconic chase scene in the original Halloween when Michael goes after Lori for the first time? Him walking slowly across the street as she screams for Tommy? The closet scene where he raises up in a non-human fashion and turns his head in one of the most incredible horror movie scenes ever???

      What about Jason going after Trish in the Final Chapter? Freddy going after Nancy after she pulls him out of dream world in original Nightmare…

  • wildgator25

    The Omen and The Howling were awesome, at least they were back in the day when I last watched them. I don’t know if I would agree with you or not if I were to watch them today.

    I have to agree with Darrel about IKWYDLS. And seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in short shorts is worth the watch for me.

    • dr.lamb

      I also like Jennifer Love Hewitt in a wet bath robe in Part 2.

  • Savage8862

    The Crow is not a horror movie so not sure why it is on a list of most overrated horror movies. With that said, with you saying that Grmelins and Grmelins 2 are two of your favorite films ever…not sure we can accept your rational for the rest of this argument; especially since you complain that The Crow was disjointed when you accept two of the worst written, acted, and disjointed movies ever as your favorite. As for The Omen being overrated…it is a classic. Well written, creepy, and well acted. The tension builds and it is atmospheric rather than in your face.

    • divisionbell

      The Omen is absolutely a classic, and personally I believe it blows Rosemary’s Baby out of the water without trying.

      Though I have to disagree on Gremlins. It is a truly excellent film through and through. The second was just fun.

      • Primeus

        The Omen is a classic. A master piece in film making, and the acting is top notch.

    • TwistedCritic

      The Omen also had a fantastic score.

  • I really believe Paranormal Activity should be on this list. That movie has done a single-handed disservice to the horror genre in allowing producers to think that quick pull away shots, shoddy acting, no payoff, and other sins the found-footage genre is responsible for is okay. How this film has continued to spawn sequels that are worse every year astounds me to no end.

    • djblack1313

      Gavin, i agree. any & all of the PA movies belong on this list (instead of THE OMEN & THE HOWLING).

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Thank You. I completely agree.

    • Cezseldher

      Absolutely agree. It pains me that some people in my uni called it “The best horror film” they have ever seen.

    • Milk

      The PA movies are slow but I find them fun to watch when you’re drinking.

  • candyman84

    The crow is a fantasy action drama no horror at all ..

  • viking1983

    top 5 over-rated for me are – 1. Cabin in the woods – hyped as an ultimate horror film, but was terrible, bad story, crap cgi and just boring, 2.The Exorcist – not as great as everyone made it out to be, 3.Lords of salem – worst film I have seen in years, 4.Kill List – proof that not all british horror films are good, god awful film, 5.Hostel 1+2 – combined these as both are as bad as each other

    • Jasonicus

      Cabin in the Woods was awesome. Get a clue.

      • doomas10

        I cannot believe the films you listed here. You have to judge them according to the era that were released. If I had watched the exorcist in 73, I would probably have committed suicide :/

      • divisionbell

        Cabin in the woods was excellent. No debate.

        Actually the only movie listed I can agree with is Lords of Salem. Garbage film.

        • morrisseylikesburgers

          Kill List was awful? FURTHER OPINIONS INVALID.

          • viking1983

            kill list is one of the worst films ever made

        • Jasmin

          NO NO NO. Cabin in the Woods was terrible. That should’ve been on this list as the most overrated horror movie.

    • dimebag_is_god

      Cabin in the Woods – Supposed to just be fun and for horror fans (come on, the Pinhead reference was really well done).

      Exorcist – It’s old, and yeah, not as scary as everyone’s made it out to be, but still an amazingly made film (especially the recent rereleased version, best version)

      Lords of Salem – (Watch this, I’m gonna defend this one) Probably the best thing Zombie’s done since Devil’s Rejects. Some of the most beautifully shot sequences I’ve seen in recent horror, as well as great callbacks to old expressionist films, not to mention some of the best suspense I’ve seen built in any recent horror film. Everyone just ragged on it because of Rob Zombie and his wife Sherri as far as I’m concerned, was so much better than everyone made it out to be.

      Kill List – Can’t respond to that, haven’t seen it yet.

      Hostel 1 & 2 – Hostel 1 is campy modern horror, and definitely better than Roth’s other claim to fame Cabin Fever (you want to talk over rated). It’s cheesely gory (that eye scene makes me laugh each time, it’s just so bad), has a reasonably fresh premise (despite the douchebag leads), and probably one of the creepiest villains to come out of the 2000’s. The second one was just a bigger budget retread of the first, just with women instead.

    • shelly84

      man, i will flag your comment as in inapropriate. haha

    • joesey

      you’re a fucken idiot

    • Milk

      I thought Cabin in the Woods was entertaining but not a master piece like everyone else seems to make it out as. I agree with you on Hostel and Lords of Salem. I finally saw LoS and OMG it was fucking terrible.

  • candyman84

    I thought paranormal activity was way overrated

  • Aaron Emery

    I would say ‘The Crow’ is on here because it has a similar tone to horror and similar fan base. Personally, I don’t like the movie, I guess I just don’t get the film or see any value in it at all.
    ‘Last Summer’ I still find to be fairly entertaining, I don’t think it’s a very good movie but also not the train-wreck it’s made out to be. The chase scene with Helen (pictured in the editorial) is still on of the best chases I’ve seen!
    I absolutely cannot stand ‘The Howling’, to me it’s a boring pointless film. I have never understood the status that film has as a classic.
    I’m gonna catch shit for this but I would add ‘Dog Soldiers’ to that list, I don’t see the greatness there at all.

    • doomas10

      Dog soldiers was awesooooooooooooome! *fades in darkness*

  • doomas10

    I couldn’t disagree with this list more (always with respect). Shouldn’t you have made a list regarding the most overrated films according to you preference? It seems that you shoehorned the “crow” there because you consider it overrated it even if it is horror or not πŸ™ Evan you hurt my feelings πŸ™

    It is a masterpiece. Set design, score, soundtrack, cinematography, performances and action are flawless elements. It is style over substance – lots of films have that – see KILL BILL. Let alone that it created such a school with the gothic style and having a hard core 18 film rating, it gave me exactly what I wanted.

    “I know what you did last summer” is overrated? I never met anyone who did actually like it O_o . Good idea but sloppy execution and not remotely scary.

    But New Nightmare was awesome! Come on! I am 25 and watched it a month ago for the first time (!) and I freaking love it! But I understand why it can put horror fans off.

    But for the Crow, this is unacceptable! πŸ˜€

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Concerning the Crow, you took the words out of my mouth. It is a masterpiece and a film that means more to me every single time I watch it.

      • doomas10

        “Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is”

  • MansonPIG

    The Crow is not a Horror Film.
    New Nightmare has always sucked (even Wes Craven admits this) so how can it be overrated?
    IKWYDLS is a average movie at best so how can it be overrated?
    The Omen and The Howling are classics so don’t even go there..

    • dr.lamb

      Yes, New Nightmare always sucked but look it up on rottentonatoes…77 % ! What the hell were critics thinking ?
      “I Know…” is a perfect example for a cult movie: There are more people that hold it close to their heart than you might think.

  • horrorking95

    I love The Crow, New Nightmare (though, obviously not better than Scream! Who said that!?) and The Omen! I’ve yet to see I Know What You Did Last Summer and I too hated The Howling. I seriously do not get its appeal. I found it daft and boring, but then again I’m not really one for werewolves.

  • dr.lamb

    The Crow had the potential to be great – and it is, from time to time- but after Lee’s death they had to bloat the story of Sarah and the cop.
    Omen is great as it invented the movie staple “death by original accident” but on the other hand it was an uninentional precursor for shitty “domestic disturbance” thrillers like “The hand that rocks the cradle”.
    My two cents: “Saw” is definitely not as good as many think.
    “Cabin in the woods” is not as clever as Joss Whedon believes.
    The love for “Drag me to hell” makes me shrug my shoulders.

    • divisionbell

      I will never understand the love for Drag me to Hell. Thought it was one of the worst films Raimi has made. Saw was overrated before it even reached theaters. Was a god awful film.

      • djblack1313

        divisionbell, i agree. DRAGE ME TO HELL is 100% overrated.

        • isabelleadjanitis

          says the person that thinks the chase scene in I KNow What You Did Last Summer is the best chase scene ever. at least you make it clear all your opinions should not be taken seriously lol

          • djblack1313

            says the person who doesn’t even comment ON THE ACTUAL ARTICLE and just attacks people’s opinions. LOL. idiot.

            and you clearly are brain dead since you didn’t even post what YOUR opinions are (so that we can bash you for them too!). i feel bad for Isabelle for having a fan/idiot like you. πŸ™‚

    • doomas10

      Drag me to hell was awesome!!!!!! I love it- proper roller coaster ride – I thought I was going to be disappointed but I left the cinema with a smile on my face πŸ˜€ Talking about overrated: The ring remake. It was well made and that’s it.

  • anthonyd1

    I’m sorry but I Know What You Did Last Summer is a 90’s horror slasher classic alongside Scream. I love it. The Sarah Michelle Gellar chase scene still gives me chills and has me yelling at the screen every time I watch it. They definitely don’t make slashers like that anymore.

    • djblack1313

      anthonyd1, EXACTLY!! the Helen chase scene in LAST SUMMER is IMO the best chase scene ever. that alone makes the movie awesome and not overrated (even though the whole movie was good!).

      • anthonyd1

        I still remember the first time I watched that scene I was literally jumping out of my seat. haha damn I love that movie

      • doomas10

        Ok you guys convinved me to watch it again ^_^ Can’t remember a thing about that film!

    • isabelleadjanitis

      I Know What You Did Last Summer isn’t even one of the top 100 slashers ever. Not scary at all.

      • djblack1313

        poor isabelle. so scared to even post what IT’S opinions are for fear of being attacked? grow a set and post your opinions that way we can bash you the way you do to others. what a douche.

  • SatansHeaven

    The Omen is overrated?! You’re dead to me.

  • dr.lamb

    I forgot to add: “Final Destination”. Nice idea, fairly entertaining, but also stupid and aimless- that movie leads to nowhere. Part 2 was much better.

    • Horrordemon

      Sorry but part 2 was crap, as were the others, all cash ins. The original is the only one worth watching in the whole sorry series.

  • djblack1313

    this list blows. IKWYDLS, THE HOWLING & THE OMEN are top notch. Evan did you make this list, not really believing it, just to push buttons? lol. i don’t believe this list. fiction i tells ya! πŸ™‚

    • djblack1313

      this list/article just seems like an experiment to see how many people will respond by choosing classics (most of them) and calling them overrated.

  • sweetooth

    The Howling is an all time classic. I watch it usually around once every year or two.

    For me it’s neck and neck with American Werewolf in London.

  • Bumper1

    Kill List, awful? think you watched the wrong movie but sticking with Ben Wheatley i’m going to say Sightseer’s, that movie was awful but has had some rave reviews.

    • Aaron Emery

      Counter argument: I liked ‘Sightseers’ much more upon initial viewing than I did ‘Kill List’. The latter grew on me after a second and third viewing. I think it’s generally a matter of how accessible the film is. ‘Kill List’ is a challenging movie.

  • Darkness69

    Evan, I love your writing, but you are so way off you can’t even see the right way. The Crow is not a horror film per se, so it shouldn’t be on this list anyway – I’m not even going to comment on your ‘arguments’. Same for The Omen. New Nightmare was excellent. Basically, I don’t see the reasoning behind this article other than to push our buttons.

    • djblack1313

      Darkness69, exactly!

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Kind of like when Game Informer does their Sacred Cow bbq, trashing beloved games to see how people react.

  • sludge67

    What a strange list! What is The Crow doing there, how could you mistake it for a horror movie?? It’s a great film in its own right. The Omen is a classic, your arguments against it don’t make a lot of sense; not as good as Exorcist but definitely in the same league as Rosemary’s baby. How is I Know.. overrated? Most people I know don’t even like it (neither do I). As for the other 2, you’re right, they’re not as good as people think, still good movie though.

  • EvilHead1981

    Surprised this one wasn’t mentioned in the list. Number ONE most overrated horror movie(especially of the last decade): MARTYRS!!

    The Crow is a tad bit overrated, but it was entertaining. If anything, the whole parading of it via 90s HS goths is what lead to it’s overrated-ness.

    The Howling, other than the SFX, was one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. The story itself, the humor(god, hire someone who KNOWS comedy, like John Landis with An American Werewolf in London), the whole bit at the end where Dee Wallace transforms into a Were-Pekingese on air… just not a good movie, IMO.

  • Krug09

    Well, first of all, New Nightmare is probably my favorite horror film of all time outside of Nightmare 1. So obviously i will disagree with you. Its probably the least seen film in the nightmare series and the lowest grossing. The movie is actually underrated as hell and is a masterpiece. Too me everything in the film felt organic and scary. It was a high point in the series and the most serious in the series. I do agree about The Omen to a degree, its a good movie for its time and holds up well but its not the type of movie i would need to watch again anytime soon. IKWYDLS was stupid but Its a good turn off your brain horror movie, i have seen way worse. The Crow is one of my favorite movies but because brandon died they couldn’t finish or do reshoots so they worked with what they had and it hurt the movie and made it messy. The whole shoot out felt so out of place and stupid. The parts with the stunt double were poorly done. except for the makeup scene.

  • Ghoulstille

    Dude The Howling is awesome because it is so funny yet pretty scary when you see it for the first time. The Crow is not a horror film… Action film maybe a Thriller.

  • DeathValzer

    The Howling is slightly overrated but Paranormal Activity should be on this list instead of …Last Summer, I hated that movie.

  • wildgator25

    I got one for ya Evan…. Suspiria. I have tried several times, I still can’t make it through that bore-fest. And yet it remains one of the most hyped “horror” movies of all time.

    • SuperKilla

      The opening is amazing but it does get pretty boring in the middle. Argento has way better films.

  • undertaker78

    I will agree that The Crow is very overrated (even though I don’t consider it a horror movie). I also would say The Omen is overrated as well and not nearly as good as some make it out to be.

    IKWYDLS is exactly what you said it is: “decent.” It isn’t better than that but let’s no pretend it’s some abomination to the horror genre.

    I don’t agree with Howling or New Nightmare. I think they get the right amount of love from fans. Both are far from perfect but they are essentially good films.

  • shelly84

    Well i agree with most of the list, but The Omen. Thats just a great movie when it was released, and still pretty good!

  • dimebag_is_god

    The Crow isn’t horror, so please come back with a horror film to fill that spot.

    My list of over rated films
    1. Session 9
    2. Paranormal Activity 2-4
    3. Halloween 3 (it’s not terrible, it’s just really boring)
    4. Repo: The Genetic Opera
    5. Suspiria (I made it an hour into it, I’ll force myself through it but I was not impressed)

    • Jamie

      What, you think 3 is boring? lol II was the most boring piece of shit ever. As was 4,6 & 7!

  • joesey

    This site always bashes ANOES films but at least you’re keeping people interested in them and maybe getting people to check them out who haven’t seen them before *Hopefully* You might think New Nightmare is “overrated” but it was a homage to the original. It was the only way Craven could bring back Nancy and Freddy together again so I appreciate it, and it did a hell of alot better than the shitty remake.

    • SuperKilla

      Couldn’t of said it better about New Nightmare being an awesome homage and way better than the fake make.

  • ezesosa


  • Mucey

    I have to agree with The Omen. Yes, it is a classic, and yes, you should watch it at least once. But it is way over-hyped. It’s a very good film. It’s not an amazing one.

  • GoreFaceSupreme

    How could a film about a dead man returning from the grave to seek vengeance on a killer who collects human eyeballs not be considered even a little bit horror?

    Come on people. Even the Crow’s design has influenced countless modern gothic horror films. Yes I would consider it more fantasy action but to cut it off from horror is simply ignorant.

  • Joe-Banger

    Scream sucked and it is not a horror film! Replace IKWYDLS with that trash!

    • doomas10

      in which reality Scream sucked?

      • Jamie

        In the real world mate, which evidently you don’t live in. And yes Scream is a great big pile of shit. A markleting success rather than an artist one.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Mr. Dickson, I respect your opinions, but the way I (and a lot of other people) feel about the Crow is the way you feel about An American Werewolf in London. I love it because it’s a couple different kinds of film, it’s a dark revenge thriller, an action film, a fantasy and a love story. And the fact that it’s Brandon Lee’s final film and that he died making it make the movie much more personal to its fans. I can see why you and others here view it as overrated, but it’s truly shocking that Paranormal Activity is not on this list. And sure, the Crow has horror elements, but it is not a straight up horror movie by any means. P.S. Scream rules.

    • doomas10

      100% agree

  • WhatsThatOverThere

    I rather enjoyed New Nightmare. It was pretty entertaining and paved the way for Wes to make Scream as brilliant as it is. I also enjoyed I Know What You Did Last Summer, a lesser but still enjoyable thriller with a good script from Kevin W.

    Never really got into The Howling and still haven’t seen The Crow.

    If I was to put something on here, it’d probably be Don’t Look Now, I was never able to get into it and I’ve tried a few times.

  • c-s-a78

    a lot of “older” movies are likable now due to age.i know what you did last summer,is the best example.the time it came out it as medium at best.i know cos I saw it @ the movies.people came out after it finished scratching there heads about the have to watch it a few times to get the plot.but over time it has become a master piece.but look at the movies now.the 90s looking back now wasn’t that bad after all!!!


    I guess I agree with the list. Although I did enjoy “New Nightmare” and “The Omen.” There are some other films that I think should have landed on this list.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Completely agree about The Crow. Damn, did that movie suck. It’s overrated for every reason you listed. Don’t really understand why New Nightmare is on this list, though. I don’t really hear much praise for it. If any Nightmare film deserved to be on this list, I’d say it was Dream Warriors. While I do love that movie (and prefer it to New Nightmare), I feel like with that concept, they could’ve done a much better job than they did. Having all the kids die so easily didn’t make sense since they were fighting back, you know? To be honest, I was surprised you didn’t put Halloween, The Exorcist, and other classics like that on the list.

  • niceguyeddie1971

    Evan, I think you missed by a mile on The Omen. A borderline classic with a solid film that has a great, creepy aura surrounding it. The cast was excellent, and more importantly the acting was top notch. Replace this one.

  • Evan3


    I generally love your thoughts, but I have never disagreed with you more than on The Omen. It truly is one of the greatest horror films of all time (and the comments section seems to bear this out.

    First, how can you discount one of the all time great scores.

    Second, how can you discredit a film that not only includes death scenes that still stand the test of time (obviously the decapitation scene), but a creepy tone too (it starts off with a bang when the nanny hangs herself after screaming “its all for you” and shatters the plate glass window – as well as the excellent safari attack scene and the mother being thrown from her hospital window). Almost no modern horror films balance great scares with great tone or vice versa (i.e. Paranormal Activity had well done scares, but no creepy tone; Sinister had a creepy tone, but not a genuine scare to be found).

    Third, just great characters. You wanted Gregory Peck to succeed. The kid is just as convincing in The Omen as Blair was in the Exorcist.

    Yes Donner had a great career post-Omen, but that doesn’t denigrate The Omen at all. As for camp – I don’t think anything construed as camp was done purposefully, but is more a product of the decade The Omen was made period. Its not like Insidious where it made a tonal choice to inject camp into an otherwise serious horror film. One could easily state that as it has aged, Poltergeist has some campy elements (the tree hasn’t aged well – obviously various scenes use claymation), but its still an all time classic. Not sure why you would treat The Omen any differently.

  • yukface27

    Another reason why I still frequent this site: not being able to tell whether the contributors are complete fuckwits or the best ‘rnet trolls in the biz.


    This is what i LOVE about this site, people tear each other to shreds just because their opinions differ from their own. πŸ˜‰

    That being said,

    THE CROW- not horror, but has elements that put it within the boundaries of horror (back from the dead, revenge etc…) but not over-rated.

    NEW NIGHTMARE- Along with 1 + 3, one of my faves. i can totally see why people find it overrated. It’s very over the top fairy tale poking fun at the entire franchise. But to me, no NEW NIGHTMARE, no SCREAM.

    I,K,W,Y,D,L,S- It had to come after SCREAM so it didn’t stand much chance. i like it. The book is completely different from the film. It was set in the 70’s and the tone is very different.

    The OMEN- i will defend this film to the end. the church scene with the spear was filmed not far from where i live and i have been in that church(cathedral). Classic 70’s DEVIL film.

    THE HOWLING- it’s the old ‘HOWLING VS american werewolf in london’ battle. people said you had to like one or the other. I liked both. The HOWLING had more backing behind it. (a similar battle was the old lost boys vs near dark. i LOVE both).

    And to those who say DRAG ME TO HELL is overrated, i say POO POO to you Fritz! That was a laugh riot and a Sam raimi film through and through. If only Bruce was available and not shooting BURN NOTICE, he would have been the guy who got possessed at the seance table near the end. It was taylor made for him! πŸ˜€

  • BloodyBirthday

    Ummm… V/H/S!

    • SuperKilla

      I liked VHS but haha to your comment.

    • Milk

      Lol +1

  • Jasmin

    But why is The Omen on this list?

  • Skratchy

    I don’t want to be that guy here but, aside from The Omen and The Crow, I wouldn’t really consider these OVER rated. I Know What You Did Last Summer and New Nightmare? Everyone I know HATES New Nightmare and I’m pretty sure I Know What You Did Last Summer was regarded as a half-assed Scream rip off that may have been front loaded at the box office, but I don’t think it’s at the top of anyone’s Best Horror Movie lists.

    I would say the Exorcist is the most overrated horror movie ever. Hands down.

    • Jamie

      No it wasn’t a Scream rip off, it was a Halloween rip off.

  • SuperKilla

    Wolf Creek sucks hard! I respect that it is a true story but the movie was really boring and pathetic.

  • Milk

    I guess I’m in the minority to say that New Nightmare was great.

  • dfskelleton

    I didn’t care too much for “New Nightmare” either. I guess I’m just not too fond of the whole “Meta-Film” thing. It definitely wasn’t a bad movie, but one of the best in the series? Nope.
    Back in the day, I’m sure it was a nice departure from the goofiness of the later Nightmare films, but as a modern viewer, I kind of miss the goofiness. I just recently watched all 6 of the original films for the first time, and I chose that series specifically because it didn’t take itself too seriously. Needless to say, it was a breath of fresh air.

  • Freakscene

    You want overrated? lets take the cattle prod to a couple of actual sacred cows.
    Suspiria – Damn how I want to love this…every few years I give it another shot. Every few years I feel the same tinge of sadness because it doesn’t live up to it’s reputation (for me).
    Dawn of the Dead – (yes, the original). I really really like this film…I just can’t love it. I get it’s historical significance but that’s also where I struggle. It is so dated. Much of it’s reputation rides on it being more than just a horror film…on it having ‘something to say’. Sorry but what it says doesn’t stand the test of time – it is just obvious and facile now.
    I’ll also add Wolf Creek – not because it’s treated with the same reverence as the other two but because I’m an Aussie and I found it to be all rather dull.

  • Primeus

    I liked New Nightmare when it came out but it doesn’t hold up very well watching it years later. It’s to slow, and rather boring. The ending which seemed awesome back then comes off as cheesy now. The best word I can use to describe the movie is “stiff”.

    IKWYDLS is a garbage film. I enjoy watching it but it’s trash….enjoyable trash but trash all the same.

  • Horrordemon

    Sorry Evan Dickson, but your list is a total joke. The Howling is a classic and if you think his sellout movies like Gremlins are his best work then you evidently like sugar coated, feel good “horror” films. Grow some balls! Gremlins sucks in comparison to The Howling, no one gives a fuck about the poster either. You don’t get a classic which lasts decades when the film is bad. Maybe you need to admit that you made a big and really embarrassing mistake? As a matter of fact the pacing in the Howling is not off, it’s perfect and the whole movie is a SPOOF anyway, not a horror – which came long before shit like Scream which you probably idolize too. Paranormal Activity should be on this list, along with a loads of others. You’re an utter tool mate and you should give up reviewing films, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • EnzFab

    Don’t agree with “The Howling” – a classic IMO and I find it much darker and far scarier than “An American Werewolf in London”, and “The Omen”.

    IMO – “Paranormal Activity”, “The Blair Witch Project” and “Phantasm” are over-rated. The latter I have tried watching over a dozen times to try to get its appeal, and every time I am bored and can’t get past its cheesiness. Taste’s differ … I guess.

  • part6productions

    Idk how no one commented, but this list is amazing

  • Apogee777

    can we add Suspira in that list too πŸ˜›

    • LorinThePhotographer

      definitely add Supiria!

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