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Joel McHale Will ‘Beware the Night’ With ‘Sinister’ Director

“Community” star Joel McHale, pictured, is in final negotiations to join Eric Bana in Beware the Night, Screen Gems’ Jerry Bruckheimer-produced supernatural thriller, Heat Vision reports.

Sean Harris, who appeared in Prometheus, is also joining the cast.

Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister) is directing the project, which “centers around a New York street cop (Bana) who has put his faith in religion behind him but now finds himself targeted by the Devil in the form of possessed soldier (Harris).

McHale is veering from his usual comedic roles and taking a dramatic turn, playing Bana’s partner, an experienced and tough cop. Edgar Ramirez is already on board as a Jesuit priest, while Olivia Munn is playing the cop’s wife.

Derrickson wrote the script with Paul Harris Boardman. Screen Gems is to release January 16, 2015.



  • DarrelDreadful

    I dont know what it is, but I confused this movie with another.

  • Aaron Emery

    Nice! I love Joel! Between this and last weeks announcement to renew ‘Community’ I’m super stoked!

  • djblack1313

    i love Joel on THE SOUP! if this movie is at all serious i’ll have a hard time seeing him in the role. i only see him as a really funny comedian.

    • Aaron Emery

      DJ you need to watch ‘Community’. The first few episodes feel like generic sitcom stuff but once you get part way through the first to second seasons its mind-bogglingly awesome!

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