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[TV] Would You Guys Be Interested In A New Season Of “Twin Peaks”?

A few months ago Netflix’s Ted Sarandos spoke with about their slate and when the topic of “Twin Peaks” came up as a possibility he said, “absolutely!.” Now, that’s more of a statement of general interest – it’s certainly not an announcement of any kind and it’s doubtful that anything was really in the works at that time.

But the interest is there, at least with Ray Wise and – as he tells it – David Lynch himself. According to Lynch told Wise the following, “Well, Ray, you know, the town is still there. And I suppose it’s possible that we could revisit it. Of course, you’re already dead (…) but we could maybe work around that.

Wise has been sharing similar anecdotes recently and, while I doubt anything official is in play, it’s conceivable that (with the right offer) a good deal of the players would be willing to come back. Your move, Netflix.

Would you want to see a third season? If so, who would you prefer play Donna – Moira Kelly or Lara Flynn Boyle?



  • joesey

    As long as they bring back Special Agent Dale Cooper, Bobby, Mrs. Palmer, Sheryl Lee, The Log Lady and of course THE MAN FROM THE OTHER SIDE!

    • joesey

      and Bob

  • ktn

    YES and Lara Flynn Boyle.

  • Shaw13

    @joesey, The actor who played Killer BOB, Frank Silva, passed away in 1995 sadly.

    • weresmurf

      Wonder if Bill Moseley would play him?

      • rg_lovecraft

        Wow, that would actually be perfect. Holy shit.

  • Darkness69

    If Lynch would do it, then I would watch it. Hell yeah!

  • dfskelleton

    Are you kidding me? Twin Peaks has to be one of my favorite shows of all time, if not my number one favorite. I wouldn’t like a new season; I’d love one!

  • Alabama-Sharp

    YES!!!… and Lara Flynn Boyle should play Donna. Bring them all back and fill us in on what’s happened in the many years since we saw them last.

  • pinkyjones

    “Well, Ray, you know, the town is still there.” Yup, sure is. I drive through it almost every day! It would be interesting to see a new season of Twin Peaks.

  • Lord-Battle

    Man, David Lynch is awesome and his response made me laugh out load. I’ve never heard him give a straight answer and I love it!

  • zeyad

    this can’t be true…Too good to be true :X

  • Chaybee1

    I am a Twin Peaks fanatic and I have to respectfully disagree. Audrey Horne definitely blew up with the bank, Cooper is now possessed by Bob, Annie is trapped in the Black Lodge (I think I’m remembering that correctly)Good luck getting Heather Graham and Kyle Maclachlan back; anyone else playing Coop would be a travesty. And have you guys seen Lara Flynn Boyle lately?! She’s up there with Redford and Pacino as having awful plastic surgery.

  • rg_lovecraft

    I would be beyond excited to see Twin Peaks come back. I know a good many cast members have expressed interest in reprising their roles as well, Kyle McLachlan (Coop) included.

  • Evil_Flip

    Sure bringing back the greatest series of all time is great, but will/can it live up to the expectations. Expectations that have been 20 years in the making. Then again, Netflix did a great job with arrested development.

  • Rendrogy

    I’d see new Twin Peaks episodes in a heartbeat!

  • AngelRivera2013

    Isn’t it almost 25 years already? “See you in 25 years.” It’s the perfect time to start making a new season!

  • kileysmith0

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