Some Insanely Cool Imagery From China's 'Step by Step Deception 3D' - Bloody Disgusting
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Some Insanely Cool Imagery From China’s ‘Step by Step Deception 3D’



Out of China comes the 3D horror flick Step by Step Deception 3D, which actualy looks pretty friggin’ cool.

Directed by Jiang Cheng, Step by Step Deception 3D opens in China on June 14. Jerry Yuan Cheng-Jie, Jill Hsu Jie-Er, Jiao Gang and Feng Jing star.

Check out the art, a ton of cool images, and a trailer now!

Dread says that the film centers on an abandoned hospital that is haunted by the Grey Ghost. There are also implications of terrorism, and apparently the film’s hero ends up becoming part of some great conspiracy.


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