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Incredibly Violent ‘Maniac’ CENSORED In Japan For Teenage Audience…

A blog out of Japan has reported some disturbing news regarding Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac (review), which opens here in the States on June 21.

EIRIN (Japan’s film rating and censorship organization – much like America’s MPAA) and Comstock Group, Japanese distributor of Maniac, censored several gore scenes to make it 15+ rating – so that high school students could see it,” says the site. “It would be like making an R-rated or NC-17-rated film in the US a PG-13 film. Some scenes were blurred out, some were darkened.

While there is no physical proof, this person swears by their report: “I can’t provide you the evidence of these details because it’s still playing in theatres – and to give you proof, I would have to record it at the theatre. Which is illegal. But please believe me when I say it is true.” Click the link above for the entire blog.

Thank god for international sellers so the hardcore horror fans in Japan can import the real release out of France, Canada or the U.S. (I’m sure many other places as well). Still, it’s always unfortunately to hear such news, even though it happens way more than you guys even know…



  • djblack1313

    that’s fucked up and really irritating. this movie is not made for young teenagers (for the most part. there ARE young teens who love horror movies like many of us did at that age). this movie was VERY good. a must see for any horror fan.

  • Milk

    I have seen some fucked up Japanese movies. I don’t know why they would censor this one in particular. There is no way a bunch of 15 year old’s need to be seeing this.

  • tink3r

    I am the one who wrote the original article. djblack1313, Milk, Thank you very much for your interest on this matter.

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