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Indie Horror ‘Our Darker Purpose’ Looks Frightening

Boston based indie developer Avidly Wild Games is working on a game that brings together The Binding of Isaac and Diablo, with a Tim Burton-esque art style. It looks incredible, even though I’m already positive it’ll be one of those games I never finish. I’ve been playing survival horror games my whole life, so I can appreciate a difficult game, but this one looks particularly unforgiving. With that said, I’ll totally still sink countless hours into it, as I’ve done with Dark Souls, FTL and The Binding of Isaac — all fantastic games I’ve never finished.

Its art style is reminiscent of Don’t Starve, and its setting — an intensely creepy Gothic orphanage — is the kind of location I wouldn’t mind exploring more often in horror games. Read on to see it in action.

If Our Darker Purpose sounds like a game you might be interested in, you can help it get distribution on Steam Greenlight, and if you’re feeling extra generous you can support its Kickstarter campaign.

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