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[E3 2013] PS4 Supports Used Games, Price Revealed

Sony has taken the fight straight to Microsoft’s jugular, and I think they may have won this upcoming console generation before it’s even officially begun. They just finished up their media briefing, but not before dropping multiple bombs on the Xbox One. First off, the PlayStation 4 will support used games. This means you can sell, trade in and loan every game in your library. The PS4 does not require an Internet connection and will never need to authenticate games. And lastly, we have the console’s price. That’ll be $399, or €399 and £349 for those across the pond.

That’s significantly less than the Xbox One, which will bring with it a price tag of $499 — along with the used game restrictions and required Internet connection, apparently those “features” are pricey ones. I don’t think I even need to ask, but what the hell! Which console are you getting?

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, or plan on becoming a member, your PS Plus membership will carry over to the PS4. For less than $5 a month, you can enjoy all the benefits of the membership, including one free game a month.

Easy Question: Xbox One Or PlayStation 4?

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  • Sirengx

    Aaaand Sony won in less than a half hour. I love this, negl. There was nothing bad about Sony’s conference (even the having to pay for plus isn’t bad — it’s worth it).

    I know what I’m going to try and get my husband for Christmas.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    and yet another brilliantly chosen image for the headline hahahaha. love it!
    ps4 for me. i always go with playstation. never owned an xbox.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love Sony so much. They made no mistakes. They actually care about their fans. I just have so much respect for them. I couldn’t have been anymore happy with this conference. I mean, Kingdom Hearts III finally got announced so I was ecstatic. Those indie games looked great. Definitely getting Outlast for the PS4. 3 of the big games they showed are going to be available at launch so that’s awesome. They just did so much right that I’m going to be extremely happy to be a PS4 owner.

    • ThunderDragoon

      *Any more XD

  • turtlenipple

    I’ve been an Xbox man since the 360 was released, never bat an eye at the PS3.. But holy god damn is the PS4 winning and winning and winning. I’ll keep my 360 and snag that beautiful PS4.

  • Taboo

    Been Xbox player since the very beginning, but I’m thinking I might switch over to PS4 this time around. Xbox One has way too many cons for my taste.

  • Mr.Mirage

    From prior experience: I will wait. After all, what will happen next is all of the coolest, currently high dollar games and accessories will start to plummet in cost. I will find the ones I enjoy, play them all and when the system finally dies (as they all do, regardless of platform), I will then start pricing the ones everyone else is drooling over now…. and the price will be dropping because a New Shiny Console will be on the horizon.

    I have the 360 because my family thought I should have something. ( ? ) I prefer Sony, just because, you know: Sony.

  • wildgator25

    Pre-ordered Xbox One (Day 1 Edition) yesterday from Best Buy. Could give two shits about used game policy as I never buy them anyways. Xbox Live will rule the Playstation Network forever. And, anyone bitching about the always online feature of Xbox One is mildly retarded. How many of you actually have internet that is out for more than 24 hours?? If you can’t pay your bill, you shouldn’t be spending $399 on a PS4 just so you can play games offline.

    • Nothing333

      Me too! The game lineup blew me away. I’m getting a PS4 eventually but none of the launch titles appealed to me like Dead Rising 3 did.

      • divisionbell

        I think it was the game lineup that confirmed it for me. There was nothing that really stood out except maybe Rise. Even dead Rising 3 looked like a nicer version of what we have already played so far. I was hoping for something to blow my socks off and it just hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully the PS4 lineup ends up being more impressive. Killzone is looking pretty good so far.

    • Adam Dodd

      I travel a lot, and when I do I sometimes have to go without Internet. I have friends who live in areas of the country where, even though it’s 2013, high speed Internet still isn’t available (you need a 1.5 mbps minimum). Microsoft is taking a decidedly anti-consumer approach with the Xbox One by imposing more restrictions on our games, and if no one complains this time or says, “Wait, what the fuck?” then nothing will stop them from introducing more restrictions in the future.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy an Xbox One, but calling people retarded who disagree with the rights Microsoft is taking away from the consumer and the limitations they’re putting on us is a little unfair.

      • wildgator25

        Adam, I still stand behind what I said, even if it offends some people. Microsoft has stated that most people who don’t have fast internet still have mobile broadband. You don’t have to maintain the connection, just check in once within 24 hours of the last time your console “saw” the connection. You can use your 3G or 4G phone as a mobile hotspot if necessary.

        People are overlooking many great things that the “always connected” feature will offer. I won’t link anything here, but it’s easily accessible for those who wish to look.

    • shelly84

      Gamers are not only americans man, a huge part of them are not…. there are a lot of countries out there that gotta shitty internet connections u know?….

  • Nothing333

    Well I’m eating a tasty breakfast of crow this morning. Good On Sony most importantly the pricing but I’m still buying both next gen consoles. I need all console experiences

  • divisionbell

    PS4 it is!

  • EvilHead1981

    Fuck yeah! This is music to my ears. Fuck Microsoft and their arrogant ass employees and Draconian policies. I’ve never been so put into such a decision before(I loved both Sony and Microsoft), but the shit they are pulling now totally soured my relationship with them. Team fuckin SONY, bitches!!! Take a good long shit on their grave and the sheep they take with them.

  • dirtyghettok

    Alright,, mad props to Sony, but something’s not right here. Just read somewhere else that the PS4 is also upgradable and,, something’s up. There’s just to much of a difference between consoles, especially this early for something not to be up. Mark these words, Microsoft has something up their sleeves that’s gonna change everybody’s perspective on there new console. No way in hell Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot with a laser scope on. And if I’m wrong, which I’m not, then this will be what happens when the perfect amount of arrogance and stupidity shake hands…

    • wildgator25

      You are right dirtyghettok. Microsoft has so much more to offer with it’s online services. For those who are worried about playing used games, Microsoft has left that up to the developers to decide. And, more than likely, Gamestop and the like will be able to issue a new DRM license on used games, which the Xbox One will determine as being a “new” game for that unique Xbox Live user.

      There is NO WAY Microsoft would attempt to abandon the “~45 million unique Xbox Live members” just to turn a profit. That is complete stupidity if you think that.

  • Canucklehead

    Praise Jeebus. The arrogance of MS may well be their undoing. Backtrack or other gimmick in 5….4…3…2…

  • AfterTheAsylum

    I see some blind love for Microsoft – okay, and a lot of faith which is unwarranted. This comes down to logistics, fairness and principle. If you BUY a system and BUY a game, you should OWN it. You aren’t LEASING. Ownership means it belongs to you. This also means that you should be able to SELL what you OWN. If you cannot sell it, then you do not own it – period. If you have to have to “check in” with your system/have to be connected, then you also do not own it. If you go BUY a new car outright, you expect that you can sell it, loan it, etc. But when you go to sell your paid-off car, Ford says, “So, if you’re going to sell the car that you own, we are going to charge the buyer an additional premium,” how are you going to respond? “Piss off, I own it,” is the only correct answer. There is no good reason for you, as an owner of anything, should have to check in with a parole officer. If you, as a Microsoft fan, want to be complacent with your husband (Microsoft) in domestic violence, then go ahead, but don’t try to justify the beating to the people who know it is just a beating. The fact that Microsoft even pitched these absurd, selfish, belittling ideas is insulting to the worth of the consumers who give them the ability to be in the market. Their intentions were/are not in anyone’s best interest but themselves. Consumers are already getting screwed by developers who ship out unfinished games in order to charge for DLC later or make DLC before the release date, or worse – pre-loading it on a disk which remains locked until an additional fee is collected. So if you want to eat shit, then eat it, but don’t tell me it tastes good.

    • wildgator25

      As quoted by Don Mattrick of Microsoft:

      “It’s a service-based world, if you think about things and how they get better with an internet connection, that’s a design choice we’ve made. I think people will appreciate it… We did a lot of testing, a lot of consumer research and I think we made a good choice.”

      Mattrick said Microsoft appreciates the passion of gamers but he believes gamers are “imagining outcomes that are worse than what we believe it’s going to be in the real world.”

      The comparisons you’ve made from a new console to a new car are ludicrous. Why can’t you compare the new console to say… an iPhone 5 that you just got that shiny new contract with AT&T? Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t OWN the iPhone 5 right? You are telling me that you don’t have to pay the data fee, even though you don’t use the damn thing for anything other than making calls (don’t tell me that there are some people who don’t have any clue about apps/internet/messaging as I can point several out to you)?

      No where have I found Microsoft state that you will not be able to sell your games when you are done/tired of them. No where have I found that you won’t be able to buy and play used games. People are taking too many things at face value and running with it.

      So there, go with PS4 if it makes you happy. I’ll gladly eat the crow if I’m wrong. But I’ve watched Microsoft come in as the underdog with the first Xbox… start the best online service in the world… release the Xbox 360… kick Sony’s ass with a cheaper product… release the Xbox One in November… kick Sony’s ass again with the most exclusives and “first on” content of major games. Do you think EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. showed their games running on the Xbox One rather than the PS4 for no reason??

      As for the $100 “disparity”, you can knock $50 off because you will have to buy the Sony “Eye” for camera capabilities. Oh yeah, for motion control you have to buy the Sony “Move”. Not so different in price now huh??

      • wildgator25

        Oh yeah, I bought a Pot Pie last night. Ate it… it was good. Got mad as fuck when I realized I couldn’t sell my shit this morning back to Banquet. Damn you Bi-Lo for not telling me up front what I can and can’t do with my food!!!!

        • MyDarkPassenger

          What is Microsoft paying you to be SO wildly delusional about their product? And where do I sign up?

          This is clearly an example of two competing companies trying to outmaneuver the other. The scenario will play out like this. Microsoft will try to stick by their wacky, Windows Media Player reminiscent plan to restrict people’s rights to their own property. Eventually through their focus groups and general online observations, they will see that these “features” are obvious sticking points that will affect sales negatively. At that time, they’ll release a statement about how the features are being removed due to their commitment to providing a quality product yada yada yada. I don’t see ANY way that Microsoft is going to move ahead with selling a more expensive product that is also far more restrictive in terms of DRM BS. Where’s the upside?

          Oooh that’s right! Kinect is built right in. Well whoopdy F’in doo! I forgot how instrumental it has been to an adult audience thus far. Shya, right!

          • MyDarkPassenger

            Furthermore: I just read an article that was linked at the bottom of this site (“Worse Console Reveal Since Sega Saturn?”) which details how Microsoft plans to use the Kinect to count the number of people in the room when a movie is played. If this number exceeds the amount of people who are technically allowed to sit in a room and watch a movie without paying a fee? The Xbox One prompts you to pay up before you can watch it.

            How long until the vernacular shifts from the “Xbox One” to the “Xbox Cop”?

            (Disclaimer: The article referenced was poorly written and may not be entirely accurate, but the author knows a lot more than I do on the subject so I’ll defer to it for the time being.)

      • AfterTheAsylum

        You’re missing the comparison to the vehicle. It is comparing the game to the car. So look at the scenario one more time. A fee would be charged in addition to buying the used game. So again, you sell a car you own, but then Ford charges the person you sold it to an extra premium in order to use it. I’m not seeing where you are missing this.

        Secondly, check your figures again, because the PS3 beat the 360 in the console war globally. And that figure even includes the second and third 360 a consumer bought because of the console’s 50% RROD failure rate. Also, the PS3 had over 5x the exclusive titles that the 360 had. A few crows have landed already. Start eating, because they’re just going to get larger in number.

  • wildgator25

    Well, first off, I wish Microsoft were paying me because their pockets are much deeper than mine. Secondly, I am an adult and the Kinect has come in handy for me several times (games with my son, video chatting with my family hundreds of miles away, use in place of microphone when it’s dead/broken, etc.)

    Now, on to the second part you said. In the event Microsoft “caves in” and says they screwed up and want to change to Sony’s “plan”, is everyone going to jump for joy and change their whole “Microsoft are Nazis” mentality??

    I can read as well, and I read an article today that might change some minds. Just because the Sony spokesperson came out and said that you can play new/used/borrowed games online/offline, he didn’t quite tell you WHICH GAMES now did he?? Do you honestly think that EA, as money hungry as they are, would set up DRM for the Xbox One with the potential to increase revenue (based on the assumptions of some) from all/only new game purchases…. would say fuck it, we’ll take the loss on the “greatest system” PS4 and let Gamestop/Ebay/Craigslist make all the money on the used market???

    Now that’s what you call delusional.

  • wildgator25
    • wildgator25

      “The policy we do come out with will have that in mind,” he said, and it will likely be the same policy across all its console games. “

      Dun dun dun. Sorry PS4 fanboys, doesn’t look like the exclusives can keep your system COMPLETELY “free of shackles”.

    • AfterTheAsylum

      Did you even read the articles? Let say that the “likely” part is a fact. Do you not see the “additional restrictions” part of the article? Also, devs like EA can say or do as they want. They aren’t limiting me because I stopped buying their games since the online pass crap to rape their consumers.

  • wildgator25

    Read that. If that doesn’t help you understand that MS is not trying to push the industry forward, I don’t know what will.

    Just like this guy says, people bitch about how much they get back for trade ins on games, then have the audacity to call MS the devil for trying to help lower cost and move to digital content. But oh well, we could all go back to cds and dvds and you could do away with itunes and netflix right? Nah… can’t do that can ya!

    • wildgator25

      *Sorry, MS IS trying to push the industry forward. Excuse my double negative.*

      • AfterTheAsylum

        Firstly, I still buy CDs and DVDs because digital has no resale.

        Now, for your article full of hyperbole. Use your logic. If Microsoft had it in the best interest of consumers, they would have announced it. They would’ve taken out their crayons and colored a picture. You can cry digital costs all you want, but the fact is MS said nothing. Why? Because it isn’t their plan.

        Microsoft is removing borrowing games and is making selling used games more difficult in order to promote buying games new or buying games digitally. There are a few problems with this. Firstly, if I bought the game, I can do with it whatever I fucking please because it is mine. Do you see companies selling flash drives that you can only use in your own computer? Or how about car that you can’t lend to a friend for a weekend? What about books that you have to check in with the publisher every 24 hours to read else the book becomes unreadable? Do you see what I am saying?

        As far as digital goes – this is the first step to eliminating all borrowing, reselling and physical discs. Microsoft already is eliminating the digital transfer of games you bought on Xbox arcade to the Xbox One. So now, those digital games you once owned are rendered unusable. You can’t play them now without what – paying for them again on the new system? What a deal! Also, digital gaming eliminating discs is dangerous because without competition of different media, then there is no ceiling for what can be charged for any one media. Just as well, show me times when companies took revenue cuts just to do well by their consumers. When someone pays a price for something, they don’t decrease the price if it decreases their revenue. Businesses exist to grow profits.

        Digital is already screwing consumers with DLC and ruining gaming and used gaming enough. DLC already ensures that you will pay more money for a game, won’t sell the game (because the DLC can’t be played without the main game) and has created the problem of companies shipping incomplete games with the purpose of taking advantage of consumers. Look at Borderlands 1. The game was $60. 4 DLCs @ $10 a piece. So now you’ve paid $100 for a game and only the disc has value. But then what happens? The Game of the Year addition comes out for $40 brand new with ALL the DLC. So, you’re telling me that the $100 I spent was actually only worth $40 (though less)? I spent an extra $60 for what? Greed. So don’t tell me that companies have our best interest at heart because they don’t. We are already fighting against developers and we shouldn’t have to fight against the console makers too.

        Microsoft spends millions of dollars on marketing, marketing teams and public relations. So you’re telling me that with all these people, who specialize in their areas, they couldn’t think of telling people how this move is good for them? Microsoft is trying to move the industry forward, but not in a direction that benefits consumers.

        Digital is not an answer and I will show you why. Let’s look at iTunes. Go there are look up, Metallica’s Garage Days CD. On iTunes you are paying $1.29 per song. There are 27 songs. That’s $34.83 for the songs without the booklet, disc and plastic shell. I can buy the physical copy brand new for 18 and used for $5. With the physical copy, I can burn it to digital and play it in my car. So tell me how digital has saved money compared to physical? Shouldn’t digital be so much cheaper? Yes, digital is cheaper to make, but that doesn’t translate into being cheaper to buy.

        You can want to believe whatever you want, but don’t you see what we are saying? You’re running on absolute blind faith and I think your love for Xbox is getting in the way of your better judgment.

  • undertaker78

    Anyone who can sit there and tell me that the XBox1 looks more appealing and will provide more bang for my buck is delusional.

    I’m not some Sony fanboy, but come on Microsoft is kicking its customers in the balls and asking us to beg for another round. Microsoft has become greedy and corrupt and can kiss my a$$, which has a wallet full of money to spend.

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