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Excerpt: ‘Deadbeat – Makes You Stronger’ A Horror Detective Novel

Out today from Titan Books is “Deadbeat – Makes You Stronger”, the first in a brand-new series of horror detective novels by author Guy Adams. The book follows Max and Tom who witness a group of grave robbers stealing a coffin. The kicker? The body inside is still breathing. “Deadbeat” sounds like a buddy-cop style paranormal tale and we’ve got a nice little excerpt from chapter 1 below.

Max and Tom are old, old friends, who used to be actors. Tom now owns a jazz nightclub called Deadbeat which, as well as being their source of income, is also something of an in-joke. In a dark suburban churchyard one night they see a group of men are loading a coffin into the back of a van. But, why would you be taking a full coffin away from a graveyard and, more importantly, why is the occupant still breathing? Tom and Max are on the case. God help us…



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