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Robert Englund Will Star In ‘Fear Clinic’ Alongside Kane Hodder

Almost Human Effects founder and director Rob Hall officially announced today a feature version of his web series Fear Clinic, which will be partially funded by IndiGoGo.

Robert Englund, pictured below, and Danielle Harris, above, will star, if funded, about patients suffering phobias undergo radical therapy in the fear chamber that animates their worst fears in the form of terrifying hallucinations. The screenplay was written by Aaron Drane and Hall, and is produced my Mark B Johnson. Friday the 13th and Hatchet‘s Kane Hodder also stars alongside Angelina Armani.

Hall is the director of the Laid to Rest films, as well as Lightning Bug. He also directs episodes of MTV’s number one show “Teen Wolf” in which his debut epsiode 305 “Frayed” Aired Monday July 1st.

Englund, well, is best known as Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street films. He also starred in Hatchet.

Harris starred in ROb Zombie’s Halloween films, and both Hatchet sequels.



  • theodds22

    YES YES YES! I’ve watched Fear Clinic on Fearnet a long time ago and I was asking for more. Too bad there were only 3 episodes, my favorite was the fear of spiders.

    • Raziel_cz

      Three episodes? But it has like five or so in total.

  • horrorfilmguy

    This is an awesome film project. Go Support Horror! #hellbentforhorror

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