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[Boredom Bytes] The Sony, Nintendo And Microsoft Murder Reports!



The Gameological Society’s annual Murder Report is in, and if you think Nintendo won – why would you think that? Of course the real fight is going to be between Sony and Microsoft, who prefer showing as many deaths as possible. Why? Because video games. Find out which of the “Big Three” was the most bloodthirsty after the jump.

485 deaths. That’s some impressive slaughtering of pixels and sprites right there. Well done, Microsoft.

E3 Murder Report Xbox 2013 video 

Next up is Sony. During their media briefing an estimated 135 virtual lives were taken. I guess they didn’t want to include Sony’s merciless slaying of Microsoft…

Sony embraces equal-opportunity slaughter in the E3 Murder Report

And finally, Nintendo. Apparently, 61 lives were lost during Nintendo’s E3 showing. That’s… actually a little surprising.

Gameological – Nintendo Murder Report video

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