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[E3 2013] Which Of The “Big Three” Won E3?

Okay, yes, it’s kind of a silly question. Who won E3? That’s a difficult question to question to ask, but now that much of the news is out and the dust has settled, it’s one I feel I’m up to answering.

This is a grading of the “Big Three’s” pre-E3 media briefings — the big three being Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. The stage had been set weeks prior for what would likely become a vicious battle for gamers’ hearts. Microsoft’s recent stumble opened the door for Sony to win a few converts, and Nintendo, being above such bickering, decided to shy away from the pre-E3 madness so they could have a more direct event. Find out who won, after the break.


Oof. Microsoft has done fucked up big. The Xbox One, touted as a console for “gamers” is really anything but. It restricts the sale of used games by putting the option of removing that right to the publishers — the group that’s most vehemently opposed to the used games market — as well as the loaning of games you own to your friends, unless they’re in your Xbox “Family.” Even though you’re dropping $60 (or more) on a video game, you don’t really own that game.

It also requires an Internet connection so the console can check with Microsoft every 24 hours. If it can’t perform this check, you can no longer play games on it. If you have a problem with this, Microsoft says you can get an Xbox 360.

They would’ve had to pull a miracle out of their ass to win back those who felt scorned by these anti-consumer tactics. So did they?

No, not even a little.

Xbox Live won’t change much outside of offering lots more sports, TV features and two free games to Gold subscribers. The service will still cost $60. That’s not a huge deal, because Xbox Live is great. I’ve happily paid for my Gold membership for years, because until Sony caught up with PS Plus, it was the best.

The console itself will bring with it an intimidating $499 price tag. But hey, at least it comes with the Kinect. People still use those, right?

Despite mostly following through with their promise to make E3 all about games (Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive all look like solid exclusives) they haven’t done a single thing to soothe my worries about the Xbox One.


For me, the Xbox 360 handily won this console generation. I use my PS3 for movies more often than I do gaming, and most of my friends own an Xbox. Changing that would’ve required quite the effort on Sony’s part.

It seems they were up to the challenge.

Sony’s learned a lot since they’re infamous PS3 reveal many moons ago. It’s like they’ve been watching Microsoft this entire generation, studying them so they could break their neck and take the crown. On Monday, they struck, and took the fight straight to Microsoft’s jugular.

First off, the video games. Sony’s offering was a varied mix of familiar AAA blockbusters like Killzone, and Infamous, promising new IPs like The Order: 1886, as well as a slew of high profile indie titles, including Outlast and Daylight — all of which will be coming exclusively to PC and the PlayStation 4.

They’ve opened the doors a little more widely for indie developers to more easily create games for their platform. That’s a big deal.

On top of that, Sony dismantled the Xbox One bit by bit by confirming the PS4 supports used games — you can trade in and loan your games as you like — and not requiring an Internet connection to play games on it.

As I watched the live stream, this is where everything was drowned out my uproarious cheers of approval, which only grew when Sony revealed the PS4’s price tag of $399.

The only downside to Sony’s conference is that PS Plus will be required to play games online. That’s a little disappointing.

I’d give Sony an A+, but earning that will require them to stop breaking my damn heart with this The Last Guardian is coming/not coming/on hiatus/definitely coming at some point in time nonsense.


Nintendo doesn’t need to do much to keep their fans happy. Just announce a game with Zelda, Mario, or Metroid in the title and people will lose their damn minds.

Thankfully, Nintendo did just that. They announced a new Super Smash Bros., which will be coming to the Wii U and 3DS. They also revealed Mario Kart 8, a new Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker HD, and a slew of first party titles that will undoubtedly sell faster than sweet rolls in Whiterun.

On the third party front is where they failed to capture my interest.

Outside of X, The Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2 — the latter two developed by Vanquish and Bayonetta developer Platinum Games — there wasn’t much of interest.

On the horror front, we got nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. That’s hugely disappointing. I would’ve awarded Nintendo a bonus skull in their final score had they even briefly teased a ZombiU sequel.

Overall, Nintendo’s showing wasn’t all that disappointing. If you’re a fan of their biggest franchises, there’s plenty coming to the Wii U and 3DS to keep you satisfied. Unfortunately, that’s basically all you’re going to get.

Disagree? Let me know who you think “won E3” by voting in the poll below, or you can be a little more vocal in the comments.

Who Won E3

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  • jpeenut

    I’ve always been a Playstation guy so I’m glad Sony did so well at E3

  • wildgator25

    Adam, I like you… I really do (in a heterosexual way you know what I mean?)… but dude the 1 out of 5 skulls on the Xbox One because it doesn’t fit your idea of the “best” system?? The exclusives alone would even the playing field with Nintendo. I am not praising Microsoft for doing what they did, but the bashing is completely unjustified with 6 months left before launch. Hell, I remember wanting Kinect paint after watching it at E3 2011. I bought the Kinect with the hope it would come out soon. Has it released yet? Will it release soon? NO and NO. That means sometimes what looks good on paper and sounds good when you talk about it to a few people doesn’t mean the masses will like it. This current situation is a perfect example.

    But like I posted in the other article about PS4, wait and see before you take everything at face value. For all we know, this could have been a ploy to see how people would react. Doubtful I know, but quite a few people are on board with MS seeing as pre-orders are becoming scarce for the Xbox One.

    • Adam Dodd

      @wildgator25 I like you too (in a very sexual way), but my idea of a good console is one that doesn’t limit the rights of the consumer.

      What’s the point of giving me good games if when I purchase them, I don’t fully own them? If I can’t sell it, trade it in, loan it, or play it offline for more than 24 hours, I don’t really own it. I’m not bashing anyone — I’m presenting facts. All of the above is true, and none of it is good for the consumer.

      As for it being a ploy, nothing Microsoft has announced is an experiment to gauge the public’s reaction. They’ve taken a HUGE hit here. Even if you only look at the response of BD’s readers it’s almost unanimously negative. I’ve been posting polls all month — here’s a taste of the results I’ve been collecting:

      When asked “who won E3?” over 80% of you said Sony. When asked what console you’re buying, 86% of you said PS4. When asked if you’d be getting an Xbox One, 68% of you said no. When asked about your opinion on the Xbox One, 74% of you said you were either underwhelmed or disappointed (that last poll had 1,600 votes).

      That’s just from this site. I’ve seen similar reactions across the web. Microsoft isn’t running a test; they’re giving us a console that makes them, their retailer partners, and publishers more money while taking away our rights. I’m not okay with that.

      Of course the Xbox One is going to be scarce. Millions of gamers will still pre-order it and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of them on Ebay the day after it launches for horrifyingly inflated prices. You’re my favorite people, so I only want to make sure you have all the facts so you can make the decision you feel is right. If that’s the Xbox One, go for it. If it’s the PS4, Wii U, Ouya, whatever — more power to you! I’m not attacking anyone. I don’t want Sony to win E3. I want everyone to win E3. In a perfect world, all three consoles would have amazing game libraries and we’d all be free to do whatever we wanted with our games. Unfortunately, this year, that’s not the case.


      • Milk

        “Microsoft isn’t running a test; they’re giving us a console that makes them, their retailer partners, and publishers more money while taking away our rights. I’m not okay with that.”

        A hundred times this Adam. You said it perfectly. It’s sad that many people will still buy the xbox one because they love the brand and will ignore their rights being ripped from them. No matter how good their exclusive games look I will never pay $60 to essentially rent a game.

    • Disturbed_Scorpion

      I agree completely, the author of this article clearly is a Sony fanboy which you can see in the way he addresses Sony in general. With that said, people need to step back and just look at them individually which Adam did not. What constitutes winning E3? Showing something we haven’t seen before and surprising the crowd with big new games. What did Sony really do that could make them “win” E3? They showed hardware, which isn’t anything impressive looking, they announced The Order as the only new game that was exclusive to their console, and they let everyone know PSN free-to-play isn’t going to happen on the PS4. Microsoft showed off a slew of brand new games we hadn’t seen or heard of before, the announced Xbox Live is going to be giving free games away every month ala PSN+, and that MS Points were being discontinued. Nintendo did the same, nothing really impressive but they showed a ton of brand new games which puts them over Sony as far as what E3 was about, the games. People on here and other media sites bitched about Microsoft’s reveal of the One because there were no games, then when E3 comes along (THE PLACE TO SHOW GAMES) they praised Sony because they just said what they weren’t doing with online and used games yet they didn’t show off any new games, what the new Eye could do, anything really. I’m seeing this copy/paste opinions on sites like here and IGN that really saddens me.

  • Marty McFly


  • Spike0037

    @AdamDodd but with Playstation plus you get early accesses to betas and free games huge discounts. And what was it $5 a month that is is nothing you should have given it 5 skulls

    • Adam Dodd

      I think 4 1/2 is more than fair! For Sony to receive our coveted 5 skulls they would’ve had to show The Last Guardian and not require a PS Plus membership to play games online.

      But I completely agree, PS Plus is an incredible service.

      • AfterTheAsylum

        I agree with you Adam. I’ve been waiting on Last Guardian since, when was it? 2006 was it announced? I also don’t like the $60 to play online, but only because I don’t really play online but a few times per year. However, I do imagine that I will use it more often because I have to pay for it now. Overall, E3 has been pretty lame outside of the pressers for the consoles. I had my hopes up for Last Guardian, Rainbow 6 Patriots, Kojima’s Silent Hill and a Resident Evil 2 REmake. Did Capcom make their surprise announcement, or was that Dead Rising 3? If that was it, then “meh.”

  • Sirengx

    Adam, you are now my new favorite person.

    Sony won, hands down. Already pre-ordered mine and my husband’s PS4’s on Amazon (as well as Killzone and Infamous for him, and assassin’s creed and Watch Dogs for me).

    I think Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one. Sony knew exactly what we wanted and gave it to us.

    • Sirengx

      Oh, and the whole PS+ thing…I ain’t even mad. Especially with all the free stuff you get and the promise of a better multiplayer experience. I blame my husband for getting me into gaming… bad, bad. But yes, I enjoyed reading this.

      • Adam Dodd

        And now, you’re MY favorite person. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Oh Adam, I just love you. I’m very happy Sony won E3. It was really about time. I loved most of what they showed. Kingdom Hearts 3 finally! I liked what Nintendo showed, too. They made a sequel to my favorite Nintendo game, A Link to the Past, so I couldn’t be more happy with them. It was just a great time for both Sony and Nintendo. Can’t wait for the holiday season.

    • Adam Dodd

      The holiday season is going to be CRAZY. I can’t wait.

  • after watching all the available coverage I have to agree 100 % adam, which is sad because I absolutely love my 360 (but I really like my ps3,and my pc is the bomb). the moment that microsoft douche pretty much gave the finger to people without an internet connection I got a little pissed (for absolutely no justifiable reason other then that was an extremely douche thing to say). however, I will be getting both consoles and am excited to play the new halo, dead rising, & rise (the only ps3 exclusive that piqued *my* interest was killzone & daylight, if they unleashed a new god of war OR uncharted i’d have already pre ordered a ps4 and be waiting at my door like scott pilgrim)

  • CG93

    I think Microsoft 3/5, Nintendo 3/5, Sony 4/5. Just my opinion. Microsoft kind of semi-improved since the reveal, least in my opinion.

  • doomas10

    Kingdom of hearts 3 and Final Fantasy: enough said. Additionally, Killzone, infamous and OMFG-outlast exclusives? Woohoo! Playstation plus is a terrific online service. My only problem would be that people have to play for online gaming which kinda sucks for casual gamers. Add on that, the new look and you got it.

    Personally, I loved Sony as they were always focused on games rather than gimmicks. I am buying this this christmas? ^_^ And for some people above I personally think Adam is a not a fanboy. He merely summarizes how badly Microsoft sucks in the marketing department. True story

    • Adam Dodd

      Yeah, calling someone whose opinions you disagree with a “fanboy” is a pretty desperate move. I’d be the worst Sony fanboy ever after saying the Xbox 360 won this gen. 😉

  • Sick_skwerl

    I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3, so I try to stay neutral. But, I really hope that no one buys the Xbox One, because this is a DANGEROUS precedent that they would be setting. They already have shown Sony that people will pay for subscriptions to online content, I don’t want them to think that they can make people pay sixty bucks just to basically rent a game from them (but hell, you can’t even rent one and bringit buy your buddy’s house). Boycott it and don’t let these bastards put us in a corner.

    • Adam Dodd

      That is exactly what I’m saying. I also own a PS3 and 360, and as someone who covers this industry I try my best to remain neutral, but you’re right. By supporting the Xbox One, we’re saying these restrictions are okay, and doing so will only open the door for Microsoft (or Sony/Nintendo/whoever) to place more restrictions on the goods we purchase in the future.

      At some point, we need to take a stand and let them know this isn’t all right. I think that time is now. JOIN ME, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Er, oops, I got a little carried away. 😉

      • undertaker78

        Count me in. I’ll support Sony and Nintendo as much as possible and shun Microsoft completely until they smarten up. Microsoft is getting greedy and corrupt and I will not be supporting that kind of product.

  • death_by_kebab

    The thing is MS are being a bunch of dicks about it all. And their responses after the initial unveiling were all mixed, as if no one knew. They’ve screwed up big time.
    I kinda understand what they’re trying to do – not so much with the Kinect, that’s just a terrible move – but what was wrong with just updating the hardware, leaving everything as it is and calling it Xbox 3. Not every consoles needs “innovation” like skype and fantasy frakkin’ football.
    They’re no longer listening to consumer advice or feedback, they know it will sell – and it will. Hell, when it comes down down DOWN, I’ll pick it up, if only to play Halo, which I really want to see out on my own terms.

  • magicjaguar

    I’ve been a huge supporter of the Xbox from the get-go, but they’ve lost me for this next generation. No borrowing games from friends? You just lost a bunch of customers. They have always nickled-and-dimed their customers, but this is extreme. Don’t even get me started on WiiU. Nintendo needs to get out of the console market and just license their characters to Sony and Microsoft a la Sega. Looks like I’ll be getting a PS4 after its first price-drop and hopefully the Dualshock 4 will make me forget how much of a piece of garbage the Dualshock 3 is.

  • Milk

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.. I was always an xbox/360 type of girl. I only recently bought the ps3 so I could play The Last of Us (Which is amazing BTW.) I feel ripped off that I’ve been paying for xbox live all this time just so I could use my netflix. Ps3+ is amazing. It gives you free games essentially. How cool is that?

    I will be buying a ps4 next time and will never buy an xbox one thanks to all the crap they’ve been pulling. I don’t think you were too harsh in your ratings. Treating gamers like this is not cool and it should not be ignored. If we the consumers look the other way as they rob us blindly and take away our rights then what will be left for us? Honestly Microsoft is fucking up big time and isn’t taking gamers into consideration at all other than what they can get out of them.

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