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Looks Like Next-Gen Games Will Still Cost $60

It’s official, the price of your average retail game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U will continue to carry the now standard price tag of $60. Microsoft has confirmed with GameSpot that, contrary to some rumors, the price of Xbox One games — not including special, limited, or collector’s editions — will not increase. When the PlayStation 4 was revealed last week, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton mirrored that by confirming the price of PS4 games will range from $.99 to $60.

This is good news. Even though the cost of developing games continue to grow — unnecessarily, I might add — at least consumers won’t have to shell out an extra $10-20 for games that are already somewhat pricey.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    Sounds good to me. 😀

  • TheDeadman19

    But no word on downloadable games? It’s super unfair that those are 60€ too . . .

    • Adam Dodd

      Do you mean arcade games, or games on demand? Arcade games won’t be the same price as retail titles.

      • TheDeadman19

        Download full games on Xbox live or PSN. Instead of buying the Boxed version. On Origin/Steam they’re still 60€/$

        • Adam Dodd

          Ah, yeah, unfortunately, I don’t see that changing. I’d even be okay with $50 for downloadable games, since they don’t have packaging.

          • TheDeadman19

            That’s what I mean. They just want our money. . .

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