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The ‘Prometheus’ Sequel Has Its Writer!

Fox and Ridley Scott are getting closer to returning to space as Jack Paglen (Transcendence) is in talks to write the follow-up to last year’s sci-fi blockbuster, Prometheus, Variety reports.

Scott will produce again through his Scott Free banner though it’s unknown at this time if he will direct. Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are also expected to return.

Plot details are still be worked out but Scott has said in interviews that while the first Prometheus had several elements linking it to the Alien franchise, this latest installment will feel more like its own film.

Despite not having a greenlight, the sci-fi movie’s new screenwriter is a good sign for a project Fox has been wary of committing to even though the last installment, written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, made more than $400 million worldwide.

For Paglen, the film marks his second high-profile project following Wally Pfister and Johnny Depp’s sci-fi thriller Transcendence, which opens next April.



  • Kwonkicker

    Oh boy….

  • Golic

    If you keep scratching at it, it will only get worse.

  • ThunderDragoon

    “Plot details are still be worked out but Scott has said in interviews that while the first Prometheus had several elements linking it to the Alien franchise, this latest installment will feel more like its own film.”

    That’s exactly the opposite of what I wanted to read. You can’t just show an alien at the end of the first film and say “Oh, we take that back! This is a new movie that has NOTHING to do with the Alien universe.” Assholes.

    • divisionbell

      Yeah Scott blew his own film the first time, and it sounds like he’s trying to continue to cut ties after fan backlash.

    • Kwonkicker

      I agree. The whole damn promotions for the first film built on how it would touch on and expand the Alien mythology of the first films. Then the film failed to deliver and now we’re left with this trite.

      Ugh, this will be PAINFUL.

    • Darkness69

      Right on, ThunderDragoon. I am not interested in some sci-fi extravaganza without Aliens, because as much as Prometheus was its own film in some aspects, it was still “in the same universe” and was supposed to be another piece of the puzzle. Wth is this talk now? Man, they’re ripe for some chestbursting experience.

  • wormlander

    Seriously, I’ve never heard so many stupid excuses to hate on a sci-fi franchise EVER.

    @ThunderDragoon – If you read the text again you might just discover that it doesn’t say it will have “NOTHING” to do with the Alien universe. A-holes!? Really? How old are you?

    @divisionbell – So what are you claiming to be a “fan” of exactly? I believe Ridley is wise to let the “Alien” elaboration cool down for a while, especially seeing how it gets so many fan-boys’ panties in a twist. Don’t worry, I’m 100% sure he’ll pick it up again for the 3rd and final movie.

    @Kwonkicker – The first movie DID touch on AND expand the Alien mythology! Seriously, what are you smoking?

  • doomtrain

    the 1st movie PERFECTLY explains the origins and accidental creation of what we call the xenomorph , most people just do not know how to put the pieces together themselves.

    here , let me give you all some BIG clues .

    happy fun facts about worms .

    they are hermaphrodites.
    they shed skin to grow.
    they are egg layers.

    the ones featured in prometheus hiss and also have acid for blood ( we have worms on earth that secrete acid to break down food so it can be absorbed through the skin)

    final clue : if a creature naturally evolved on lv223 , a dead planet with a constant silica storm running across it , would it not have some kind of natual ability to defend itself against such conditions and even thrive ?
    in case you still do not get it , let me remind you of something that ash from the 1st alien movie comments on regarding the facehugger .
    it has the ability to replace the cells in its own body with polarized silica to allow it to survive extreme weather conditions.

    and i swear this is the final clue . the eggs found on the original derelict are not the 1st stage in the creatures lifecycle and what we see happen to shaw is a mirror for the creation of what we know as the Alien .

    the octopoid in her womb is a mirror for the facehugger in the egg , go back a few stages and it aint that difficult to work out . K .

  • djblack1313

    i’m sure (and i hope) this sequel will continue with Shaw & David’s journey to go confront the Engineers. i think (if i’m right) THAT is what the “this latest installment will feel more like its own film” is referring to (again, i’m just guessing). i LOVED the Engineers (the design, their ships, etc) and i’m all for, excited even, for a movie that’s focusing more on them (or featuring the Engineers more than PROMETHEUS did). as much as i like the Xeno in ALIEN/ALIENS, the Deacon(?) in PROMETHEUS seemed completely tacked on at the end for people who were demanding a xeno of some kind (i thought the deacon looked really silly/kinda stupid too).

    but BRING ON THE ENGINEERS (and Shaw & David) for the sequel!! 🙂

  • aoifekyle

    I, for one, am quite excited to see how this sequel turns out. I enjoyed the first movie, although I would have enjoyed it more without the Alien references. The appearance of the xeno at the end felt static and tagged on, like it was there “just because”. I liked the introduction of the Engineers far more and as @djblack1313 says, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out if it follows Shaw & David’s journey to confront them!

  • doomtrain

    it was NOT just tagged on.

    i really do not understand why it is so fucking hard for people to understand .

    the black goo ( a bio weapon ) ALWAYS evolves into an ”Alien”
    the final creatures appearance and aesthetics depend upon what lifeforms it encountered along the way .

    i.e the final form at the end has evolved from human dna .
    the creature from Alien evolved from worm dna

  • doomtrain

    THE point being ” this is how you create an Alien ”

  • Beneviolence

    Oh boy! More idiotic science and ridiculous character behavior. Just sprinkle some christian hocus pocus on top and, hey, religion fills in ALL the blanks for crappy storytelling right?

    The prettiest turd of a supposed science fiction film I ever had the pleasure of suffering through.

    • doomtrain

      god , i love stupidity and how it makes the blind feel like they have a grip on things 😉

      • Beneviolence

        You should be very proud that you’ve finally come accept yourself.

  • doomtrain

    actually , my apologies .
    what i meant to say was this .

    when people don’t understand something they usually do 1 of 2 things
    1: they make fun and ridicule
    2: they apply some kind of deep meaning , justifying their own misunderstood perception of something that is beyond their understanding .

    you did both………..

    • Beneviolence

      Oh, I didn’t think it was that confusing at all, I just think it was a sloppy movie that thought it was way more deep and insightful than it really was. There’s a bad trend in movies where lazy writers think they throw out a bunch of ideas and leave it up to the audience to solve the “mysteries.”

      What this leads to is some internet obsessives pour over all these “mysteries”, come up with their own theories, and then proclaim themselves ‘smarterer’ than people who thought the storytelling was subpar.

      You are one of the smarterer people who ‘get it’. Make yourself a button, maybe a little crown even, and keep figuring out how to ‘explain’ why these great movies are great even though everyone else seems to think they suck.

  • doomtrain

    the reason the scientists in prometheus come across as stupid and unscientific is because in the presented future , technology does all the science , the ”scientists” of the future are just guys who have been trained to push the right buttons at the right time , without their technology they are just regular joe morons , out to get a paycheck .
    both Milburn and Fifield point out that their job titles are just that , titles .

    • Beneviolence

      Actually, not a bad idea. Too bad they couldn’t have demonstrated that technology was that advanced…in the movie.

      The truth is that they were actually the very best scientists from Earth, but the mysterious black goo actually was putting out airborne pathogens, as part of its weaponization engineering, that caused non-engineer species to act irrationally. This is why Vickers lurked in shadows, why scientists who created a map of the tunnels got lost in the tunnels, and why biologists try to pet aliens that look like snakes on earth. This would also explain why someone would run in a straight line from the equivalent of a big bicycle tire.

      See how easy it is to make up nonsense to try and ‘fix’ a badly written movie?

      • djblack1313

        Beneviolence, well said! i agree w/ you 100%.

  • doomtrain

    all i am seeing is how badly you are justifying a complete lack of understanding .

  • Josh Nelson

    GREAT!! I’m excited to see which direction Prometheus 2 will go. Loved the first one!! Bring on Prometheus 2!!

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