[Toys] 3D-Printed 'Hack/Slash' Collectible From ShouldBee - Bloody Disgusting
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[Toys] 3D-Printed ‘Hack/Slash’ Collectible From ShouldBee



The folks at ShouldBee.com, a designer collectible company, have teamed up with Tim Seeley to create a 6-inch Hack/Slash collectible using 3D Printing technology (which seems to be all the rage these days). I personally know nothing about 3D Printing, but I can tell you this Cassie Hack collectable looks pretty rad and it blows my mind that this technology exists. The Cassie Hack statue is currently retailing for $75 online. Hit the jump for some photos.

From ShouldBee.com: ShouldBee worked closely with Tim Seeley to translate Cassie’s physical characteristics and personality, from her blood-splattered shirt to her favorite baseball bat. As the first ever Hack/Slash statuette, we wanted to get every little detail just right and even worked with an actual model to design the initial artwork and 3D renders, which served as the basis for her 3D printed statuette.


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