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The ‘Day Of The Dead’ Soundtrack Is Being Reissued On Vinyl

Waxwork Records, the company behind the upcoming Re-Animator vinyl reissue, has announced that their next vinyl reissue is none other than John Harrison’s classic score to Romero’s 1985 Day Of The Dead. The soundtrack was originally released in the same year as the film but then wasn’t available until an extremely limited reissue took place in 2002. Since then there has been no official way to obtain the album.

The updated reissue will be done directly off of the original master tapes and includes over 40 cues, which brings in over an hour of music. Director George A. Romero will contribute to the liner notes. A photo of the master tapes can be seen below.

Harrison’s work also includes composing for Creepshow, Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, and also several episodes of the Tales From The Darkside television show.

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  • John Marrone

    I have that record. Wasnt one of the better soundtracks, but it was one of the few I’d picked up back then.

  • MildaNee16

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