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‘State Of Decay’s’ Inevitable Sequel Will Come To Xbox One

Did you enjoy State of Decay as much as I did? If you did, I hope you’re planning on grabbing an Xbox One, because that will likely be the platform it launches on.

Speaking with Polygon, Undead Labs head Jeff Strain said the ambitious sequel, currently known as Class4, will indeed be a next-gen game. It’s only a concept right now — the developer is currently focused State of Decay and its upcoming sandbox mode — but they’ve enjoyed working with Microsoft enough to want to continue that relationship. More after the break.

“[Class4] is what I would say is a future discussion, we’re very much focused on State of Decay right now,” Strain told Polygon.

“If we do a full sequel to the game, it wouldn’t be on currently existing hardware,” he said. “We don’t know what the future of State of Decay is right now, the IP, the franchise… Clearly if there’s a full sequel, it would be on Xbox One. But I can’t comment beyond that.”

So when we eventually do see this sequel, it will very likely be exclusive to the Xbox One.

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