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The Psychopaths Will Return In ‘Dead Rising 3’

Earlier this month, Capcom unveiled Dead Rising 3 and its gritty, Call of Duty inspired new take on the series. Having never been a huge fan of the first two games, I didn’t have much of a problem with the new direction, but the dramatic change in the game’s style did leave some fans wondering just how different the game would be from its predecessors.

It’s still an open world zombie survival game where you’re pitted against hundreds, or in many cases thousands, of the undead with only your wits and impressive weapon crafting abilities keeping you from becoming zombie poo. If this new report is true, at least one more thing will carry over to the latest game: the psychopaths.

Siliconera is the site that detailed Dead Rising 3’s setting and lead character over a year before the game was officially revealed. Today, they’ve received more news from another inside source who confirmed the psychopaths will be returning in the third game.

One of the psychos is code-named “Shifu,” and he’s a lunatic who tends a garden. When Nick — the game’s protagonist — steps into his happy place, Shifu loses his mind and attacks him with a Guan Dao. There will also be a female professional wrestler whom Nick must battle in a gym. Apparently, when Nick runs into her he mistakes her for a him. This (understandably) ticks her off, so she decides to beat him down using various wrestling moves. There will also be a rich gamer named Trent who’s completely ignorant to the goings on outside his mansion.

The final psycho their inside source leaked — I’m sure there will be more than four — is a motorcycle gang leader (see below) who enjoys the anarchy of a zombie apocalypse. This guy has a custom motorcycle with a steamroller for a front wheel.

I have a love/hate relationship with Dead Rising’s psychopaths. I enjoy the concept of turning crazed people into mini-bosses to help break up the monotony of mowing down easy-to-mow-down undead hordes, but they were so difficult. In the second game, more often than not I’d go around the psychos, because they weren’t worth the frustration.

Hopefully Dead Rising 3’s psychopaths will follow the rest of the game as it strives for “realism,” and not make these guys so goddamned hard to kill.

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