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It’s Confirmed, The Xbox One Won’t Ship With A Headset

Unless you’re a proud owner of a core or arcade Xbox 360 SKU, when you purchased your console, it came with a headset. Made from that flimsy, alarmingly easy-to-break plastic, the headset has become a staple of the Xbox Live experience. It’s the reason I play my 360 online far more often than I do my PS3, because people are actually talking. Granted, half of them are spouting sexist or homophobic nonsense, but at least I feel like I’m playing with people.

Microsoft made a brilliant move by including a headset, no matter how cheap said headset is, with each console. Unfortunately, that brilliance is coming to an end this November, when the Xbox One ships, sans headset.

Their reasoning for this is, “Hey, we gave you a Kinect. That’s WAY better,” to which I’ll reply, “Fuck no, it isn’t.”

The Kinect is interesting. It’s powerful and I’m looking forward to seeing what developers do with it now that it’s been forced on them (and us). With that said, there isn’t a fiber of my being that’s interested in using my Kinect to chat with my friends online, nor am I terribly excited to hear all the room ambiance that is sure to come from every other person on Xbox Live.

That’s going to be horrible. I’ve unfriended people because they took a pee break during a Halo match, not because they left while our team was losing, but because they left their mic on. I can hear everything that goes on in that person’s house. Soon, we’ll all — or those of us who plan on buying an Xbox One, anyway — be forced to endure this extra noise.

On top of that is the fact that the headset jack in the Xbox One controller is proprietary, which means that headset you’ve been using won’t work here. So my fancy Astro A30 headset will become my headset for gaming on the PS4 and PC.

Granted, the Xbox One’s headset will be cheap and I’ll definitely get one, but the added hassle for your $499 console is a little annoying.

Oh, and the PlayStation 4? Totally comes with a mono headset and a standard headset jack.



  • huntermc

    The few times I’ve used a headset on Xbox, it’s always been overrun by dozens of twelve year old kids calling everyone “faggot.” No thanks.

  • Nothing333

    Personally I don’t see a problem as the kinnect acts as the headset so you have all of the functionality without having to wear something on your head. If there were absolutely no functional option included i could see the complaint. As huntermc stated the headset can get rather obnoxious with inconsiderate players anyhow. I game without it on in multiplayer most of the time.

  • wildgator25

    I agree with Adam (Holy Shit, did I just type that out loud?). The Kinect as a microphone may work for some people, but for people like me who have a true surround sound (of which I’ve put thousands of dollars into), the Kinect WILL NOT WORK AS A MICROPHONE! (unless you want to hear loud echoes in your ear the whole time instead of being called a “faggot” hunter, lol) I only hope they make it so you can use the wireless mic as I have two of those which will go to waste if they don’t.

    • Adam Dodd

      Give me a sec, I’m still in shock at that whole “I agree with Adam” bit…

      Okay, I’m good.

      • wildgator25

        Ha! Awesome

  • wildgator25

    Well, now we can see why Sony is $100 cheaper….

    Love the part where they say that,

    “But in its efforts to undercut the Xbox One, Sony has damned the accessory to a future of fragmented consumer adoption and inconsistent software support. The decision has also rendered a major design element of the DualShock 4 controller — the built-in LED Move tracker — largely useless.”


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