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‘The Crow’ Creator Consulting On Reboot, Will Speak At Comic-Con!

James O’Barr, creator of the original “The Crow” graphic novel, has come on board as a consultant on Relativity Media’s upcoming reboot of the film, Variety is reporting.

Luke Evans is starring with F. Javier Gutierrez directing the adaptation written by Cliff Dorfman. Shooting on The Crow is finally set to begin in early 2014.

Relativity also announced that O’Barr and Gutierrez have been scheduled to appear at Comic-Con in San Diego to discuss the film and meet with fans.

The original 1994 movie was based on O’Barr’s story of a musician revived from the dead to avenge the murders of himself and his fiancee. The star, Brandon Lee, was accidentally killed during filming; the film grossed more than $140 million worldwide.

It is important for ‘Crow’ fans to understand that Relativity, Javier, Luke and the entire team are working on a new adaptation of the book itself,” said O’Barr in a statement. “I believe that this movie will stand alongside Brandon and his film as a valid work of art, and I look forward to collaborating on the project.

I’m actually excited for this modern take, especially since the comic has various one-shots telling new stories of different “Crows”.



  • Disturbed_Scorpion

    As much as this is one of those movies that doesn’t ever need to be touched…there might be hope for it yet.

  • doomas10

    The crow – just a perfect film – has established itself inside my mentality. I was utterly sceptic that they will remake it or re-adapt if you get my drift BUT with James O’Brian as a consultant it could be good. Having said that, Luke Evans is such a stiff actor that I cannot imagine him playing Eric Draven. But who knows? He may be able to pull it off

    • Ghoulstille


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