This 'Silent Hill' Inspired Ramen Is Otherworldly - Bloody Disgusting!

This ‘Silent Hill’ Inspired Ramen Is Otherworldly

This ramen looks like it was made fresh in Silent Hill’s Otherworld. I can’t decide what looks less appealing, the grey sauce that covers the noodles, or the meat-filled tomato that sits atop that pile of nasty. For some reason, Konami thought it’d be a good idea to partner up with ramen restaurants around Japan to add a new item to their menus: a bowl of Silent Hill inspired ramen noodles.

Rocket News 24 decided to make a trip to Hajime to taste test this horrifying dish. Watch them take it apart after the jump.

Anyone else suddenly get really hungry? In case your stomach isn’t as upset as it should be by now, here you go:

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  • dr.lamb

    Not stating this to play the tough guy or for the sake of controversity, but it doesn’t look that bad….

  • Liquid-Mettle

    I agree, but I’m also reading this on an empty stomach..

  • GrlGoneGamer

    Hhhmmm…I don’t think it looks too bad either and I just had lunch : )

  • Yanami

    That looks yummy. Know I just have to learn to make it and voila!!

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    Tldr; looks like soba noodles, black squid ink for color,ground beef stuffed tomato concasse, and a shit load of garlic lol