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[Dead Days Of Summer] ‘Slender: The Arrival’ Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

Feel that? That sudden coldness? The hair standing up on the back of your neck? The feeling that you’re no longer alone? That’s Slender Man. This guy’s been terrorizing the Internet since 2009, but he only recently found a resurgence in popularity with Mark Hadley’s hugely popular indie horror game, Slender: The Eight Pages. Incidentally, this free experimental project was eventually followed by Slender: The Arrival, and thanks to, that’s what we’re giving away today.

Details after the break!

If you don’t mind being one of the five people Slender Man whisks away into the forest to do unspeakable things to, winning a code is going to be simple.

The Slender games are absolutely terrifying. There’s something about being hunted, alone and unarmed, by an entity you don’t fully understand. The magic of The Eight Pages came from our unfamiliarity with the subject. Even if you knew who, or what, Slender Man was, you didn’t know what you were getting into when booting up Hadley’s game — or watching someone else play it on Youtube, as was the case for some who weren’t quite brave enough to play it themselves.

The Eight Pages is one of the most harrowing gaming experiences I’ve ever had, and The Arrival, though not as new, did manage to successfully build on that in some interesting ways. If you’d like to win this game, I want you to share the most terrifying experience you’ve had in a game, horror or otherwise, in the comments below.

Need some inspiration? Will watching me freak out while playing Slender: The Arrival suffice? If so, enjoy!

Winners will be chosen a week from now, on Monday, July 29th.

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  • Creationinsane19

    The most terrifying experience I had in a game was getting Aliens: Colonial Marines…Nightmares.

  • ExecuteOrder66

    Easy! I remember fighting Piggsy for the first time from ‘Manhunt’ on PS3. I nearly shit myself when the chainsaw first ripped into the elevator doors. And it didn’t stop there! Hiding in the shadows while that bastard slowly walked room from room holding his chainsaw and sniffing the air. That horrible squeal he lets out once he spots you and chases you down the hallway! Thanks, Rockstar for needing the fresh pair of boxers!


      It will always be the dogs breaking through the windows in the first resident evil.

  • innvenable

    The first time I played Fatal Frame with a friend of mine as a teenager. Too much alcohol and too little sleep and those ghosts and their frequent interruptions could not have been more unnerving. Nearly that entire series is worth its weight in spine sweat.

  • marshmellow

    Well I don’t really get scared..but the only game that made me feel a bit was Yume Nikki..Japanese have their own know..

  • Meliorn

    Played Amnesia. Just the thought of the character panicking and the vision blurred got me so scared, I haven’t gone back to it in 6 months.

  • ExecuteOrder66

    Typo…I meant PS2..

  • Chris_Craig

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PS1, Being aged 8 and bodies exploding on the Pit Bottom stage is quite terrifying to an 8 year old.


    Playing the first Diablo when it came out decades ago (yep I’m that old to remember 1D games). Fighting the ‘Butcher’ scared the crap out of me until I reached Diablo himself. I’m not sure how many attempts it took that first time to kill him, but I know I didn’t sleep for weeks because he would insert himself into my dreams. I still shudder when I play Diablo (although now it is 3D and much scarier)

  • RoomOfAngel

    It was the first time I ever played a real horror game. Silent Hill 4 The Room haunted my mind with its beautiful and horrific story. While in the water prison, right after climbing down a ladder, the Twins grabbed me, giving me the best jump scares of my life.

  • MistyShadow007

    Playing Amnesia and seeing a door break and the monster running after you. Playing that at like 2am and extremely tired really scares the hell outta you!

  • jonpetts

    The most terrifying game i ever played was for PC and it came out in 1995. It was called Phantasmagoria. It is kinda lame by today’s standards but it was a fun game and had some wonderful gore scenes. The soundtrack was what did it for me. When you were in trouble or about to die the same song kept playing which was Gregorian monks chanting along to an eerie soundtrack. Reminded me of old Argento films. You really felt as if you were the girl, discovering clues and being hunted by an insane madman. I have attached a youtube video showing the amazing detail of it..

    • GameSomniac

      YES! My parents bought this game it was sick! The kill scenes were awesome. Especially the demon fish hook kill near the end of the game.

    • Leong

      man, thumbs up. one of the BEST eras of pc video game adventures, and one UNIQUE GEM of a game. Having played it feels like an experience in life that shouldnt be missed. i agree with you!

  • bailey0819

    My scariest moment in a game was while playing Silent Hill Homecoming. I’m fairly new to gaming and had never played a Silent Hill game before then. I got through the game shaken but still willing to keep going until my first experience with Pyramind Head. It’s just a video of him walking while you hide, and you have no interaction with him at all. As soon as the video stopped though, I immediately turned the game off and laughed nervously to myself.

  • harrynico4

    Going back to the Ishimura in Dead Space 2 was definitely one of the scariest video game experiences for me. Remembering everything that happened in the original and the familiarity of it all, yet also how different it was, was really nerve-racking. The tension just keeps building and building until something inevitably bad happens.

  • pedroadolfo

    Amnesia, of course. I was lost in a series of rooms and couldn’t find any way out. Been running around all the place and there was no indication from where to go. Since i’ve been there for quite a while, i knew nothing would show up, so i was completely unworried. There was a crumbled wall with a tiny gap in the middle, that was the only place i had not tried doing nothing, so i got close and tried to squeeze myself in. It didn’t work, so i turn around to walk away. There was a ghoul right at my face, walking towards me and suddenly vanishing. I got so afraid that i didn’t jump on my seat, i just froze. My body got cold, my ears felt like fire, i can’t explain, i think i’ve never been that scared in my life.

  • devonm90

    I was a kid when Doom 3 came out and when I played games at night, I had to have headphones so I wouldn’t wake my parents. A little into the game, after ‘Hell breaks loose’, I was walking back through the hallway. Lucky me, I had surround sound headphones. I heard a noise behind me and turned around. Nothing. I turn back and an imp bursts out of the stairs in front of me. Cliched to hell, but freaked me out. Not to mention, my horror gaming didn’t exist back then. It was the first time a game scared me. Now, it’s nothing…

  • GameSomniac

    I was 7 years old, me and the family went out to the mall and stopped at an Electronic Boutique to buy a new game for the psone. It was my mothers turn to pick out the game…little did we know the game she picked was straight from the depths of hell itself. Clock Tower, sequel to one of the most terrifying games ever. I remember my first encounter with The Scissorman, Helen wakes to a knock on the door, she opens the door seeing the friendly face of a co-worker and in an instant the lifeless body of the co-worker is thrown to the floor and the Scissorman emerges, bloody shears coming together creating a spine tingling “Ching, Ching” At this point my heart is racing, I’m terrified. Unlike Resident Evil or Silent Hill I couldn’t fight back, The point and click perspective made the character response slow and even more terrifying. I hid under the bed and I hear Scissorman shuffling around the room, the terrifying ching in the background. Then he leaves. Everything is calm, the music has died out and I have Helen get out from under the bed. As She starts to come out from under the bed and in a single moment a giant pair of scissors cut through the air, downward and into Helen’s Back. I screamed in sync with the screaming of Helen, Scissorman is on top of the bed laughing. The screen turns red. Out of all of the horror movies and games I’d played and seen, I’d never been more terrified. Weeks later I traded in the game. Now I’d give anything to have it back. Could I have survived the horror? A question that eats at me everyday.

  • deggialcfr

    I was playing Amnesia once, pc hooked up to the tv and home theater full volume, lights off. Suddenly, my dad grabs my shoulder asking me a question about the game. I have never screamed that loud and jumped so high than that day. I almost dropped the computer (and everything else connected to it). I don’t know how long he had been there, standing, watching.

  • BornVillian

    For me it was FEAR 2. I never played the first game but had heard so much about it that there was so much anticipation for the second one. I had heard nothing but how scary it was. So one day I find myself buying Fear 2, hearing again, that it was much scarier. I KNEW something would jump out, so I spent a good three hours never using the run button. I would take a few steps then pause and wait. The game was freaky but in those three hours of nothing but slow walking, nothing popped out and scared me…..So I decided,”What the hell? I’m going to start running.” BOOM first corner I turn something jumps out and scares the hell out of me. I gasped with fear for the first time in my life. I tossed down the controller and turned off the game. I didn’t even bother to save my file. Good times.

  • TheStoneCrab

    I don’t know if this is the scariest moment I’ve had during gaming, but I remember when I was younger playing Majora’s Mask on the N64. That moon and the whole idea of the Earth ending and the scream Link made every time he put on a mask and that grin from the mask salesman. That grin.


    By far , at the time , the scarest game RE. Latly it has to be Amnesia. Great games

  • missiormattchu

    Had to be my first time playing RE4. I was about 13 at the time, and typically wasn’t allowed to play an M rated title. However, I got a gift card that I used to purchase it online… The game came and I was so excited! Until I started playing it… I got to the first village, and didn’t really grasp the concept of “shoot them in the head” or you know… Actually aiming for critical spots that stunned them. Needless to say, I ran out of ammo pretty quickly. And of course, Dr. Salvador comes out whipping his head slicing device, and at this point, all I could really do is run. I ran into the shotgun house, grabbed the shotgun, wasted all six shells on him as he came up the stairs, ran to the back of the room, didn’t know I could get out the windows, and as his blades met my neck, I couldn’t do anything but look away and turn off my Gamecube. Nightmares for naive and scared 13 year old me.

  • Jason Keene

    The most memorable horror game experience for me was being a little “off” on an unspecified “mood-inducing agent” the first time I played the original Resident Evil on the original Sony Playstation at a friend’s house.

    When that first zombie turned from its meal to look at you over its shoulder in the cutscene, then the POV shifted back quickly to the action and it started standing up and turning, I had to pause the game and scoot back against the couch and just stare for a few minutes before I could even start playing again.

    It’s stuck with me since (no more “mood inducing”).

  • Leong

    Playing Clive Barker’s Undying, back in 2001…The most terrifying experience of my life…walking throught the corridors of the haunted Covenant Manor, and Aaaron the Artist haunting me and chasing me, giving me the creeps and making my playthrough intense and fearful like nothing i have experienced before…

  • DashRunner92

    I know Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time isn’t a horror game, but it’s the first game that truly scared me. I was very young at the time, I might of been only 7 or 8. That first time you become adult Link and you’re all excited to see how Hyrule will look. You just made it out of the happy child-temples, at most the darkest thing to happen was that a tree died. Then I stepped out into Hyrule town when I notice something is strange. Where have all the happy townspeople gone. Why is the sky blood red? What is this horrifying music I hear? Then my heart leaps out of my little child body as I suddenly a redead grabs onto Link as I was distracted and lets out a horrible blood curdling scream. I freak out, back myself into my bed, my controller missing from my hands. I just curl up and wait for Link to die. I was terrified of that town, ever since then I would dread having to enter Hyrule Town and blindly make a mad dash to and from Hyrule Fields and the Temple of Time. It didn’t end either! Once I think I’m free from the terror, I soon find myself in some nightmarish Hyrule where giant beasts with spears are chasing me through a forest maze and monster hands are dropping from the ceiling! I had a near repeat of terror when dealing with the mummy in the basement in Majora’s Mask.

  • CoreyDWolf

    The scariest moment I’ve ever experienced while playing a game was when I was about 9 and I played Clock Tower 3. I had no idea what I was getting myself into so I just started playing. The first few seconds of the opening clip were enough to give me chills, having that decrepit doll laying there pretty much staring at the screen then the mysterious man crushing it. This was followed by photos of news clippings and crime scenes that should scare any child playing. Then when I started playing I didn’t know exactly what I was doing so I was unprepared for what lay in wait for me. I never did manage to beat the first boss… I know it wouldn’t be very scary now, but at the time it nearly scarred me.

  • Lolitaix

    One evening, my dad and stepmom went to visit their friends. I had to babysit my little stepsister. She was around 2 years old that time. I put her into her bed and went to my room. It was getting really late, but I just opened an energy drink and launched Amnesia. I turned off all the lights and put my headphones on. I was in the Prison level, fully concentrated on the game. Suddenly, someone touched my hand. I fell from my chair, spilled my drink and screamed. Of course, it was that adorable little brat. She got thisty and wanted to drink some water, but she couldn’t reach the sink. I almost had a heart attack!

  • axlslave

    The first game I ever beat was The Little Mermaid on NES. Absolutely terrifying!

  • joshhtodd95

    it was playing slender man the 8 pages and I had got about 6 of them and decided to go into the little house much to my mistake and got lost in it and ended up in a little room and I started to hear the scary noise but there was no sight of slender so I looked out side the room still nothing turned a round to go back in the room and couldn’t find the page as soon as I turned around slender was right there never shit my self more than any thing.

  • Snapitking

    When I was younger I was absolutely mortified of being crushed by the giant (Indiana Jones-like) rock in Crash Bandicoot. Needless today say I still am.

  • Allicia

    One of the scariest moments in gaming for me was navigating the water sequence in Amnesia The Dark Descent. The invisible water horror following you around as you have to trigger the lever for the first door and reach the opening before it closes on you, then throwing the body parts into the water with the hope of distracting it as you turn the crank for the next door and you can hear it thrashing about as it trudges through the water toward you and lastly having to run through the gory corridors full of debris and closing the doors behind you so you can a little bit of distance between it and you only to find it is always hot on your trails. My heart was pounding out of my chest! #goodtimes

  • Griffin

    Ok, The first time a game scared the shit out of me was when I was about 3 years old. I was playing Return to Wolfenstein castle with my father, And there was this freaky science experiment in the game where the Nazi’s created this half Human, Half machine creature. He freaked me out because he came out of nowhere like necromorphs do from dead space, and I just cant recall being able to kill him, but he scared me enough that I would run into the other room and hide behind this couch we had.

  • dfskelleton

    Spec Ops: The Line has to be one of the most horrifying works of fiction I’ve ever encountered, video game or otherwise. From “that one scene” (I won’t spoil it for those who don’t know about it, and those who do will understand what I’m referring to) and onward, the whole experience was a slow, horrible descent into hopelessness and dread. But the worst part isn’t “that one scene”. It’s not the many, many ways in which the game tries to screw with your mind (such as the loading screen messages). It’s the penultimate level. The one right before the big twist at the end. I remember that segment of Spec Ops the same way I’d remember a particularly vivid fever dream. The whole city is ablaze, casting an amber hue over everything. Your “hero” has become so damaged and scarred (physically and mentally) that he doesn’t even seem human. He’s fleeting back and forth between delusion and reality, and it’s honestly hard to say which is worse. On top of that, the music more than adequately portrays the hopelessness of the whole dilemma; you don’t even have a goal anymore. You know that you’re not coming out of this alive. You’re only objective is to kill as many men as you can. Captain Walker has gone over the edge; his transition from a cool and calculating soldier into a ruthless and vulgar killer has completed. And you’ve had to watch the whole thing. It makes you sick to your stomach. Because of this, I think Spec Ops: The Line is one of the best and most effective horror games I’ve ever played. And yes, it IS a horror game. Believe me.

  • don’t_cry

    I’m a pretty excitible person when it comes to stressful situations in games and I tried to play Alan Wake and just about had a heart attack…never even made it to the diner. Go ahead and laugh, but I never tried again.

  • EmPleH

    For me, i was going to say clock tower for ps1 but I am going to throw a curveball and say the Nightmare on Elm Street labrynth for the pc. It was a short game that came with the box set that can only be played on the pc. It took place in elm street hospital and I just remember the ambiance and the sound scared the crap out of me so much i actually started having really bad nightmares. I got rid of it shortly after and never did finish the game

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’d have to say my most terrifying experience playing a game would be in Resident Evil 2, playing the ClaireB file. The moment was when you enter the room where you have to get the gear from the picture. You use the lighter and light up the Jack, Queen, and King. After you do, Mr. X crashes through the wall. While quite jarring, that’s not the moment. After you either put him down or run from him, you then have to backtrack through the hallways. Just when you’re about to get to the door, he bursts through the wall again. I was not expecting that at all. I thought I’d meet up with him WAY later on since I had just encountered him. It was very unexpected and I almost lost my heart lol. Playing as Claire is always such a suspenseful experience; you’re always on edge.

  • Raziel_cz

    What should I pick? The ladder scene from F.E.A.R.? First power cut in Dead Space? The very beginning of Cry of Fear? The truth is that I get scared very, very easily. For example, I find the passages from Ghostbusters: The Video Game where you are alone quite disturbing, or fleeing from spiders in Don’t Starve, it’s a different kind of fear, but still.

    Anyway, I think the most terrifying experience of mine was while playing old survival horror Nocturne (one of my most favourite games, by the way; from the time when Terminal Reality knew how to make a proper game). There is a passage where you come to a huge mirror, at least that’s what you think it is at first. But when you approach it, your reflection change in a millisecond into a freaking scary vampire monster bitch which attacks you instantly. I haven’t been so frightened since then.

  • J-SiN


  • ColdmaN5

    Ditto to all who said “Amnesia”, especially Allicia. The invisible water monster was already terrifying, and I was so tense jumping from crate to crate to avoid the water. But then when it made you get in the water to open a slow door and all you can hear is the sound of splashing water getting closer and closer…Jesus Christ. Most intense thing I’ve ever played in my life. I was literally squirming in my seat.

    Ditto to “Fatal Frame”. Playing that as a teenager fucked me up, though I will say I played it again about a year ago and, while it was still creepy, it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I remember.

    Also, I’m surprised no one (that I saw anyway) mentioned “System Shock 2”. That had some pretty scary moments. Hell, just the monster’s voices were pretty damn creepy, especially when they begged you to kill them as they lunged at you with a wrench.

    It’s just a shame I only go through video game phases about once a year and lose interest in them so quickly. I’ve almost beat “Fatal Frame” and “SS 2” and got far in “Amnesia”, but then I just stop playing them, which sucks because then it’s almost impossible to go back to them and remember where you’re supposed to go.

  • megamelfina

    I would say the scariest moment was when my mom and I were playing Silent Hill 2 together. She isn’t so good with the controls, so I’d man the controller and she’d watch. Anyway, we were in the prison and went to the underground tunnels, just exploring and looking for items. Imagine our surprise when I round the corner and there’s Pyramid Head. I’m pretty sure I dropped the controller, and both of us came close to needing a fresh pair of pants.

  • Robert Goj Allen

    Basically any scene in Silent Hill 2 involving Pyramid Head. The game itself is masterful at giving that sense of dread and tension throughout, but anytime I saw Pyramid Head – whether it was during the psycho-sexual cut scenes, or running into him in the mazes beneath the prison level (never mind the boss fight with him later), ugh. gooseflesh, muscle tension. I want to step away from the controller/look away from the screen but I can’t.

  • reeladdict

    Most horrific experience in gaming … when my Maniac Mansion cartridge decided to die!

  • plainsmaster

    I had just finished setting up my surround sound system and I got my playstation 2 set up on it Properly and I put in Silent Hill 2 for the first time. I turned all the lights off and started that game up….. took like maybe five minutes with the creepy noises coming from all sides and the creepy atmosphere of the game and all the lights stay on and the sound was turned down for the rest of the time I played that game.

  • ljbad

    My most terrifying experience. There are many I could choose from. But I’ll go with one of the first terrifying experiences I had in gaming. In Ocarina of Time, I was so freaked out by the “Happy” Mask Man’s face when you come back without his money. That guy gets mean and ugly-looking. For a sec I thought I might have another boss to fight.

  • Olivia

    Most terrifying experience in a game goes to Dead Space. I played it for the first time alone in the dark at 3 AM… I’m pretty sure I had a tiny heart attack when I had my first Necromorph pop out of a vent.

    In real life, I saw Candyman at the age of four so… it’s been downhill from there.

  • chris99x

    This is a bit more old school, but one of the first horror games I ever experienced was Clock Tower for the PSone. I was about ten when it came out, and I remember begging my older sister to play the game with me because I was too scared.

    I refused to play the game at first but whenever my sister would leave to go to the bathroom or something, I idly wander around a room checking out all of the objects while I waited for her. No harm in that, right? Except one time, I happened to investigate a small painting on the wall of one of the mansion rooms. Scissorman instantly leaped out of the painting at me, and I SCREAMED so loud my parents had to come check on me. It was actually embarrassing, and I wasn’t allowed to play the game after that (though I did anyway!)

    Taught me that no video game object, no matter how trivial, is ever safe!

  • mikekittle

    My biggest surprise in a video game was Resident Evil 2 for N64. It was the first horror style game I played, before then it was all Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, and Mario, really no surprises. So just to have story and the Licker appear as it did, I remember throwing my controller across the room and proceeding to swiftly die in the game. So pretty much every moment of the game got me as a 10 year old. Every door I opened I would clench up not knowing what they would throw at me next; I’d never had such an experience before during a game and it has always stayed with me. It’s one reason why I still love horror themed games and movies.

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