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‘Paranormal Activity 5’ May Have A Director; Latino Spin-Off Coming This January, Instead

Okay, let’s try and get this entire Paranormal Activity debacle up to speed…

Building upon our exclusive reports from earlier Wednesday evening, TheWrap has learned that Paramount Pictures is aiming to get Paranormal Activity 5 in theaters by next October – and that the newly minted January 3, 2013 release date is for the Latino spin-off, tentatively titled OT: Oxnard Tapes (pictured above, video teaser below).

The site explain that the as-of-yet untitled spin-off — a found-footage flick targeted at Latino audiences that’s directed by Paranormal 2 writer Christopher Landon — is finished and has been testing well.

Paranormal will still be featured prominently in the marketing, another individual said. Because the film remains somewhat separate from the Paranormal Activity films, it will open in January — where Paramount had success with The Devil Inside.

Paranormal Activity 5, meanwhile, doesn’t even have a script – let alone cuts for the studio to see. Paramount and producer Jason Blum have not found an idea they like, though Greg Plotkin, who edited the last three Paranormal films, is likely to direct.

One individual stressed that it was far too early to talk about directors. Paramount had no comment and Blum did not respond to a request for comment, they explain.



  • DarrelDreadful

    Wow.. please just let it die. Not likely I know, but now they have a lot of time to put into it I guess. What on Earth was the initial plan anyway? Its almost August!

  • Kwonkicker

    Each film has been released every Halloween with no issues in filming, directing etc. What’s the issue now? Not looking promising…

  • WolfQueen

    Maybe they’re finally realizing that they have nowhere to go with this. With PA4 being such a royal fuck up, where in the hell DO they go from there? I WILL NOT be watching that horrendous spinoff. I wasted an extra 10 seconds in the theatre watching the teaser, that was more than enough.
    If they had kept on the same path as 3 and done another one with the Kristy and Katie story a few years later, as the original storyline follows, there may have been more to work with. Now? Forget it. And I didn’t even LIKE 3 but at least the story went as it should.

  • ThunderDragoon

    The guy that wrote PA2 directed the spin-off? Awesome. It’s already better than PA3 and PA4.

  • Krug09

    ….OH so that date is for the spin off? I thought it was for PA5 and damn… no script? Unless if they try to make another PA repairing the damage and pulling the stories together theres no point. PA4 was just so awful and no one seems to disagree.

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