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[Comic-Con ’13] New ‘Dead Space’ Writer Wants To Avoid Replicating ‘Alien’

Variety is reporting that Electronic Arts is breathing new life into plans to adapt its sci-fi horror video game Dead Space into a potential film franchise.

Justin Marks helped develop the story for the film that Neal Moritz will co-produce. The producer has been attached to Dead Space for over three years, when DJ Caruso was eyeing the project as a directing vehicle.

Europa Report-scribe Philip Gelatt wrote a version of the script that EA will develop with another screenwriter.

The first “Dead Space” game was released in 2008, with sequels bowing in 2011 and 2013. Games follow engineer Isaac Clarke who battles reanimated human corpses on board a mining space craft. Property has spawned a direct-to-homevideo anime film and novels, as well as consumer products line of merchandise.

During the Comic-Con panel Marks cautioned that the adaptation shouldn’t faithfully replicate the action in the game on the big screen.

You would be making ‘Event Horizon’ or ‘Alien,’” he smartly acknowledges. “I’ve already seen that movie.” Instead, the challenge is to tell the main character’s story in a way “that’s new and intriguing.”



  • Nasher

    soooo.. he’s smartly not going to make a film with “no monsters and a sentient ship” nor a film with “a single monster hunted by a half dozen people”. Has he even seeing the game he’s basing it on?

    If anything he’s not making The Thing in space.

    Also i recall how we all loved the changes they made to Doom the movie from source.. it was the thing we all loved how it made even less sense, avoided having any expansive backstory to explore and wiped out the monsters we all wanted to see.

  • look_cobwebs

    I’ve been waiting for this movie to be made since I first played Dead Space (same for Bioshock but that’ll prolly never happen…) and all I know is I will be furious if they pull the usual game to film curse BS. People who played Dead Space want the movie to actually be Dead Space, and people who didn’t will be scared shitless if they do it right by keeping what made the game so great. I think there are ways to tweek the original story to make the film fresh but still grounded to the source material, but then obviously disasters can happen when creaters insist on “doing something new”. I hope I’m wrong…

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