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[Comic-Con ’13] The New ‘RoboCop’ Will Most Definitely Be PG-13

Sony Pictures is bringing the RoboCop remake to comic-con this year, a good six months before it hits theaters on February 7th, 2014. I hit up a group interview prior to the film’s panel. Present were Director Jose Padilha and stars Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish.

When I asked about the film’s rating, Padilha said they were pretty much aiming for a PG-13. “We were shooting the movie to be seen by the broadest possible audience, which means PG-13. This whole idea about ‘RoboCop’ has to be “R” because the first one was amazingly violent… I never really bought into that. You know, ‘The Dark Knight’ was PG-13, so you can get away with a lot.

Sam Jackson added, “It would be “R” for its time, not “R” now. Padilla agreed, “Yeah, maybe now it isn’t.

While I love Mr. Jackson, I strongly disagree that the original would be PG-13 today, just think about the amount of gore in that thing. As for Mr. Padiha’s initial statement, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see the film.

What about you? Are you excited for a PG-13 RoboCop?

  • Sick_skwerl

    I will give them a chance, but how are they going to do the scene where Murphy gets blown away? I remember seeing that as a kid and remembering how brutal it was.
    I don’t know if you can pull off that level of carnage with PG-13…

    • divisionbell

      Exactly! The death of Murphy, Ed-209 absolutely slaughtering that guy in the demo, the melting dude, the neck stabbing…it just won’t be able to compare…

  • KaiSan

    God no!

  • nowherejenn

    PG13 can mean all kinds of violence. No boobs though.

  • weresmurf

    Samuel Jackson… just be quiet please.

    1. Murphys death scene in part 1? STILL gorier than a *lot* of movies today. Especially his hand stumps.
    2. Where he stabs Boddicker in the neck with the spike and blood SPRAYS out in a fountain? Yeah. No pg on that.
    3. ED209 blasting Mr Kenny in the OCP boardroom? His whole TORSO explodes! No PG right there.
    4. The henchman getting doused in chemicals then run over and exploding everywhere in a shower of blood and pus? No way PG.
    5. The rapist getting shot in the groin garners the movie an instant R rating for gods sake.

    Not to mention the excessive swearing in the film.

    Sam seriously, stop drinking, you’re saying stupid things and trying to justify a watered down PG movie. We saw what happens to properties when they get a PG rating with movies like World War Z (ugh… bloodless zombie movie… ugh… sorry djblack I know ya liked it but I found it to be an abysmal experience despite the excellent Israel sequence) Too late to turn it into an R rated movie obviously but can some studios start having artistic integrity please?

  • EvanDickson

    Murphy doesn’t die in this one apparently.

    • weresmurf

      Oh what??? So its just a robot suit???

      • Bouncy X

        considering it looks like a suit, i would so not be surprised if that was the case. seriously, it looks exactly like what it is…a man wearing some sorta suit. it looks like a space suit you’d see in a sci-fi movie. the original suit at least gave the illusion he was robotic to some degree.

        so it wouldn’t shock me in the least if in this one, its nowhere as near a violent attack and he’s simply pronounced dead or just so close to death the suit was needed to keep him alive. the fact all the photos have shown him with a human hand implies he’s way more human than the original stories portrayed.

        so yeah….Robocop 3 might finally appear good in comparison to something. 😛

        • EvilHead1981

          So it’s not “Robocop” more than it’s “Robosuit Cop”… urgh!

          And I know people were saying, “Well, some PG-13 movies are good.” and I agree. The Conjuring and Pacific Rim were great… BUT, the chances are you get a good PG-13 movie isn’t so often. And considering this is a remake/reboot of an original idea/movie that was extremely violent and R-rated… chances are it’s going to be one of those PG-13 duds.

          • RM

            The Conjuring is rated R, dude. (Granted, made as a PG-13 but given an R, nonetheless).

  • devilmaycry26

    how are they gonna skip u can’t buy that for a dollar. the coke scene n the nudity . why are they remaking rated r movies into pg 13. seriously whats wrong with Hollywood

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