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QuakeCon Concludes With No Update On ‘Doom 4’

QuakeCon, the annual gaming convention and showcase for all things id Software, wrapped up today with nary a word on the long awaited Doom 4. It would seem they’re taking a page out of Valve’s guide to game development by remaining almost entirely silent about the long-in-development game. We know it’s coming to next-gen consoles after Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks, revealed that development of the title had started over back in 2011, but that’s about it.

During the Q&A portion of a keynote speech held earlier this week from id Software’s technical director John Carmack, a fan asked if he could provide an update on the game’s progress, to which he replied “I can’t. I actually asked about whether I could say anything related to the development and the answer was, no, I couldn’t.”

Oh well. There’s always QuakeCon 2014.

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