Dexter Composer Daniel Licht Used Surgical Tools For ‘Dexter’ Season 8


Composer Daniel Licht is easily one of my favorite composers today. His work on Dexter is widely recognized and praised while his music for Silent Hill: Downpour ranks as one of my favorite entries in the series’ soundtracks. He has also recently composed the music for the hit video game Dishonored as well as NBC’s drama Deception.

In a new video, which you can see below, Licht explains his usage of strings throughout Dexter while allowing us to hear some haunting, beautiful passages. It’s also been revealed that Licht used several unorthodox tools to create a psychological effect on the listener.

I incorporate the sound of a surgical tool clanking against a wooden block or a knife cutting through an animal carcass with a full orchestra to illustrate the depth of each killing Dexter commits, whilst having a cognitive response from the audience,” stated Licht.

Make sure to check out our sneak peak of episode 8.07 here.

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