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‘Left 4 Dead 3’ Spotted During Valve Office Tour

Valve has more or less confirmed that another Left 4 Dead is coming, it’s really just a matter of when. Like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, or any other Valve game, Left 4 Dead 3 has been hinted at in blurry photos and found in ancient archives, where brave virtual explorers have risked their lives in order to find any trace of a game many of us so desperately want to play. It’s name has been whispered in the darkest threads of the Internet by those who say they’ve seen it with their own two eyes, yet after years of rumors, no one’s managed to find any real evidence of its existence.

Go ahead and add this to the growing pile of rumors and speculation. Valve recently held a tour of their Bellevue-based office, where an eagle-eyed Dota 2 player successfully managed to get a picture of Valve’s internal changelog. On that list of current projects is none other than Left 4 Dead 3. More after the jump.

In case you don’t want to try and find the line yourself, here it is:

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