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Deep Silver Reveals ‘Dead Island: Epidemic’

Looks like another of my favorite horror franchises is going the way of free-to-play. First, F.E.A.R. took the plunge, and now Deep Silver’s zombie bash ’em up series will follow with the PC entry, Dead Island: Epidemic.

They’re calling it a ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), and in it three teams of players will fight for survival. We’ll hear more from it at Gamescom later this month, where we’ll hopefully get a look at how it will play. They promise Epidemic will “feature all the trademark elements” of a Dead Island game, so to me that means weapon crafting, epic loot and visceral melee combat. I’m looking forward to seeing how all that translates to a MOBA (or ZOMBA). Usually, Dead Island games are preceded by a gorgeous CGI trailer, so we might get another of those, too.

If you just can’t wait to hear more about the game, stay tuned here as I’ll most definitely share all the news that comes out of Gamescom (Aug 22-25). You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

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  • suedepup

    I want to see the Dead Island franchise continue and succeed, so this is good news. But as a story-driven console gamer, the word MOBA usually makes me cringe. Seems like it’s only for PC anyhow. Looking forward to more info about it soon!

  • doomas10

    Only for a PC? 🙁

  • Muiar

    I finished ‘Dead Island’ without any help from any multiplayer… All I need is to run run RUN!!! RUN LIKE THERE ARE ZOMBIES BEHIND YOU!!!… Oh, there are Zombies behind you… RUN!!!

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