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5 Reasons ‘Gremlins 2’ Is A Masterpiece!!!

Those of you who read my work on the site know that I’m a huge fan of Gremlins 2: The New Batch. While I won’t go as far as saying I like it more than the original Gremlins (though I know people who do), I think it’s equally as good in different ways.

While the original film is a family horror classic, impeccably crafted and audience friendly – the sequel is a different beast altogether. Warner Bros. was so jazzed on the idea of continuing the franchise that they gave director Joe Dante carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with a $50 Million budget and he went bonkers in the best way possible.

Head below for 5 Reasons Gremlins 2 Is A Masterpiece!!!

5: Corporate Satire

Joe Dante has repeatedly stated that this film is about entropy, which is sort of self evident when you watch it. It’s interesting how effortlessly The New Batch imports the WW2 meaning of the word “Gremlin” from the first film and applies it to the more surface-y failings of late-stage capitalism. Clamp Center is a great, modern Wild West for one man only… where nothing works.

Even the Clamp logo is perfect, a giant “C” in the shape of a wrench – squashing the earth.

4: The Canadian Restaurant

While there’s no shortage of zany characters and scenarios in Clamp Center, from “Microwaving With Marge” to Dr. Catheter’s lab “Splice Of Life,” it’s the Canadian restaurant that really encapsulates the film’s tone for me. It’s something that went totally over my head when I saw the movie as a child, but when I watched it a few years back it struck me as one of the more outrageous elements even though it’s pitched at a comparatively lower key.

Billy Peltzer and Marla Bloodstone being served by a waiter dressed as a mountie, dining on chocolate mousse molded in the form of a moose’s head. Perfect.

3: Daniel Clamp Isn’t A Villain

One of the coups of the film is making John Glover’s captain of industry Daniel Clamp sort of likable. Sure, he’s boorish and full of terrible ideas, but those qualities stem from a lack of self awareness instead of outright malice. It may seem like small potatoes but character reversals like this, when “the bad guys” are not at all what you’re expecting them to be, can really breathe fresh life into the experience.

2: Gizmo’s Training Montage

After being tied to the train tracks and generally abused by the gaggle of Gremlins that have invaded the Center, poor Gizmo finally decides to stop being passive. The result? Some weight training, some punching bag work, the construction of a paper clip and rubber band hunting bow.

Moments later he’s wearing a Rambo-esque red headband and shooting flaming arrows at the Gremlin spider bearing down on Kate and Marla. As Billy puts it, “I guess they pushed him too far.

1: Questioning The Rules

Kudos to Gremlins 2 for addressing the audience’s natural questioning of “the rules” after the original film. It dares to have characters ask stuff like, “what if he’s eating in an airplane and the cross the time zone?

It’s a great way of acknowledging the imperfect logic of the film while simultaneously reminding you to forget about it and enjoy the movie.

Actually, there are so many reasons to love this movie. From the different mutations and personalities bestowed upon the various Gremlins to the immortal line, “Mister, welcome to the Men’s Room!

What’s your favorite?



  • BabyJaneHudson

    Oh man, I don’t know if I can pick a favourite, but this does make me want to drop what I’m doing and rewatch this right now!

    • EvanDickson

      Do it!

  • harrynico4

    The original Gremlins is one of my favorite movies mostly because it was my first “scary” movie as a kid, but Gremlins 2 is just so AWESOME! The Gizmo training scene was definitely one of my favorites and so was the Brain Gremlin who starts singing New York, New York. I gotta go back and look at the Canadian restaurant. I never really paid attention to it.

  • ZedtheUndead

    I love the first “Gremlins” it’s one if my favorite “Christmas” movies, but I’ve stayed away from “The New Batch” and I honestly don’t know why, after reading this though I might have to pick it up and check it out, I mean you can’t really go wrong with the Gremlins, can you? 😀

    • EvanDickson

      Oh man, totally go watch it.

    • Pulagatha

      This is still the movie I’ve watched more than any other in a theater. It’s just freaking hilarious especially the Daffy Gremlin.

  • Rippit

    Same here, original Gremlins is one of my favorite movies of all time. But this one is up there as well. I remember watching it twice in a row as a kid, and dreaming a “third movie”… I remember enjoying the dream at least 😛 The mutations was my favorite part as a kid but after reading this I really feel it’s about time to revisit both movies with some friends. Thanks for the push!

  • Nightmare

    I know you mentioned it at the end, but the different gremlin mutations totally should’ve been included in the list. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Gremlins 2 is the spider gremlin, so bad ass.

    Other than that, something that makes Gremlins 2 awesome for me is The Hulkster. The Gremsters can’t stand up to The Hulkster!

  • ThunderDragoon

    I remember when I first found out there was a Gremlins 2 I got so happy as a kid. We were in the video store (remember those?) and saw Gremlins 2 so we bought it. I loved the movie and I remember especially loving the electricity Gremlin. It was just a really fun movie and I always wished that they would make a Gremlins 3. It never happened and now we’ll probably have to sit through a remake splattered with CGI. Well, at least the first two movies will always be there for us to enjoy. Great article, Evan.

  • GoreFaceSupreme

    The Spider Gremlin is awesome. I also love the Gremlin that hits the cement then perches atop the building and becomes a gargoyle statue. The masterstroke however is having Slayer’s Angel of Death playing while the Clamp Center is getting shredded. Great movie.

  • horrorking95

    Masterpiece is a tad strong, but it certainly is a fun film and I used to love watching it as a kids. The spider gremlin scared me a little! I think the moment where the film burns and the gremlins play with it is really clever and I always thought that that must’ve looked great in a cinema.

    • morehorror4me

      It did. It blew my teenager mind at the time…we’re all like wtf? Then they come on and the theater went crazy

  • Milk

    I love me some gremlins.

  • Catastrophe

    “Start spreading the news…”

    I just love how Gremlins is even more off-the-wall than the original. Plus you can’t go wrong with Christopher Lee as a mad scientist!

  • VictorCrowley

    G2 has always been one of my favorites. Only gripe I ever had was all the Looney Tunes crap riddled throughout the movie.

    Aside from that, it’s in my top 20 favs of all time.

  • Ultrazilla

    Love this movie! They really did a fantastic job with ALL the various Gremlins any Mogwai…amazing detail. My favorites were spider and bat gremlins, and the daffy/crazy one, especially while in mogwai form…so hilarious and cute! Also love the scene where Billy’s girlfriend goes dark and starts on one of her traumatic stories, when he cuts her off saying “we don’t have time for this!” LOL

  • mcgillj

    I could be wrong.. its been a LONG time since I’ve seen it, picked up the Blu Ray double pack a while back.. so maybe a double feature is called for. But I always LOVED the idea that the vampire (in MAKEUP) is the one doing the news.. and.. I can’t remember a single scene in the movie, that really anyone QUESTIONED it.. Just not at all.. Makes me laugh.

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