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Review: ‘The Legend of Luther Strode’ #6

Luther Strode chases Jack as he tears a hole through the city. Justin Jordan’s action packed series comes to a blood soaked conclusion this month, and its one hell of a ride. This issue is “Strode” at its best.

WRITTEN BY: Justin Jordan
ART BY: Tradd Moore
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: Aug 7, 2013

Justin Jordan loves gore, that much is clear. The sheer amount of blood in this issue would put most horror movie to shame. Jordan uses the gore as a flourish in a world built around hyper violence. The deep reds of the issue control almost every page, making Luther’s plight more dire and engaging. The miniseries wraps up with breakneck pace that also manages to have some tender character moments.

Luther is tracking his most formidable opponent, Jack The Ripper. Petra travels with Strode and perhaps wants vengeance just as much as our hero. Jordan makes an incredible decision in this issue and decides to focus a lot of the script on Petra. Her relationship with Strode is deepened, as is her strength.

In a world where superhuman muscle maniacs are seemingly a dime a dozen, Petra is as close to human as we’re going to get. She is feisty, and determined. She fights for Luther, and wants to destroy Jack.

Luther’s trail leads him into a sea of blood. Tradd Moore’s art is unbelievable. The sea of red when Strode and Petra finally reach Jack’s resting point is haunting. The arrangement of the bodies, the placement of the blood, it’s a work of art. Moore’s sensibilities are in full effect here.

The confrontation between Jack and Luther is magnificently brought to life by Moore’s insanely nimble pencils. Limbs are used like stabbing weapons to great effect. A two-page splash of Luther diving at Jack brings the point home with incredible force. Every panel has a diving attacker and a nimble defender.

Jordan’s script favours gore, and Moore’s pencils are able to keep up. Together the two create a symphony of bodily harm that the series has credited itself on. Luther using the shards of glass that were impaled through his hands to cut Jack’s Achilles tendon is so visually impressive and of the series that it makes the entire issue.

The final battle bounces back and forth with tremendous fury. Petra gets her own story to pursue throughout the building. These moments strengthen the script. Petra’s moments are built on a solid foundation of character development.

This issue takes the best elements of “Strode” and combines them into one smooth mixture. The final panels show a new direction for our heroes, but most impressive is the final one.

Justin Jordan has built an expertly paced series that prides itself on big moments. Yet, when it comes right down to it, he chooses to end it on something small. The result is impactful and memorable.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jimbus_Christ



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