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[Random Cool] Grabs From ‘Event Horizon’ Share Flashes of Horrific Visions!

Event Horizon

How technology takes things from the past and makes them even cooler…

Bloody-D’s Jonny B. caught wind of an incredibly cool imgur album that solely shares screen grabs from Paul W.S. Anderson’s incredible 1997 Event Horizon.

Those of you who recall the sci-fi horror Sam Neill-starrer that takes many cues from Ridley Scott’s Alien, it’s about a rescue ship that transports between dimensions – via a black hole – and literally brings Hell upon the crew.

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Anderson flash-cuts the hell out of the film, showing terrifying visions in single frames that appear so quickly that it’s literally impossible for the brain to digest it all.

With HD versions of the film in release, and someone with the time to take some screencaps, we now have a series of imagery that shows the incredible effects work that only graces the screen for seconds.




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