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Hey Fox, Forget ‘Prometheus’ – Hire Neill Blomkamp To Direct ‘Alien 5’…

I’m still mystified at the negativity surrounding Neill Blomkamp‘s latest sci-fi actioneeer, Elysium, which took the top spot at this weekend’s box office. Personally, I thought he delivered one hell of a punch for his sophomore effort, which carried over various devices and themes from his breakthrough District 9.

Behind all of the gloss, digital camerawork, and insane CGI work, there’s a single element that ties both Blomkamp’s District 9 and Elysium together – and that’s his inspiration derived from his intense love for James Cameron’s Aliens.

If you pay close attention to the not only the story structure, but also the editing, pacing, characters, score, and even sound design of both films, you’ll see a plethora of homage given to the 1986 classic.

Blomkamp is primed to direct the long-talked about Alien 5, which has always been rumored to see an older Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) head back to the Xenomorph planet to destroy the bugs once and for all.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet everything that Blomkamp is basically campaigning for his dream gig – to make an Alien sequel. While Twentieth Century Fox continues to dick around with the Prometheus franchise (I love the first film, but would clearly rather have a new Alien not titled AvP), the best candidate since James Cameron and Ridley Scott is slipping right through their fingers.

I can only pray that the top Fox brass have seen both District 9 and Elysium, and have realized that Blomkamp is the man for the job. While they struggle through Prometheus sequel pitches, they could easily have Blomkamp developing out the finale to the Alien franchise (with the character work he did with Sharlto Copley in Elysium, can you imagine what he’d do with Ripley?!).

What do you guys think? Even if you haven’t seen Elysium yet, D9 should have given you enough of a taste to get behind the idea…



  • Lonmonster

    Yes! I absolutely agree.

  • statik107

    You’re 100% right Mr. D…this should’ve happened already but no the studio execs keep giving us crap like “AVP”

  • DarrelDreadful

    This needed to happen like yesterday! I agree.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Completely agree, Brad. After teasing that ending on Prometheus and then saying the second one would be its own movie, I’ve just been craving Alien 5 even more than before. It needs to happen.

  • djblack1313

    even though i found PROMETHEUS quite flawed i still enjoyed it (for the most part) and i definitely want a sequel (the one that will be it’s own movie). i’m not bashing anyone for wanting an ALIEN 5 but aren’t many of you (and DEFINITELY isn’t this site) always griping about how you are sick of sequels and you want something more original? the PROMETHEUS sequel would hopefully be something more original (the Engineer’s planet) than an ALIEN 5.

    that being said, i DO love ALIEN & ALIENS and if A5 looked good i’d be first in line to see it.

  • divisionbell

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Elysium was amazing, as was District 9, now saying that: an Alien movie directed by Blomkamp would kick all kinds of ass (due to his sense of story with political and sociological undertones more akin to old school Romero in my opionion), but a sequel to Prometheus is more interesting to me (plus more Fassbender never fails). My only concerns would be if he can steady up his camera during the more tense scenes, and Fox being pricks and cutting the budget. Side note, remember when Blomkamp was susposed to direct the live action Halo movie? That is what I’d love to see happen.

    • divisionbell

      I liked quite a bit of Prometheus but I just wish it had more of “Alien” in it. Fassbender was superb and the best part of that movie. I will I would love to see more of his character.

    • Mr.Mirage

      Well said Mr. T. Blomkamp is already far above most other filmmakers out there, making the fantastic seem totally normal and would be “everyday” if it weren’t so mind boggling.

      His undertones, as you say, give a deeper and more lasting imprint on his two films. I vote yes for Blomkamp doing Alien 5 and putting it to rest.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    I thought this was an announcement…

  • Kwonkicker

    Loved District 9, Prometheus blowed, an absolute shit fest. Haven’t seen Elysium so can’t comment but I would KILL to see an Alien 5.

  • Evan3

    Brad Bird for ALien 5 (in fact, Brad Bird for every sci fi film coming out!).

  • Zombie-Killa

    I agree. I saw Elysium the other day, and I LOVED it. Same feelings for District 9. The AVP films were bad enough (although, I own the first one on DVD. lol), but Predators was SO much better, and it’s about time we get another Aliens film.

  • dirtyghettok

    So full on agree. Elysium is great.. Kruger is the ultimate badass… I’d love to see his twist/style on the Alien franchise.

  • Golic

    I’d take a reboot or even a remake WAY over a sequel to that piece of shit Alien Resurrection.

  • grossgreg

    This is probably one of the only ways to restore credibility to a franchise that nobody really takes seriously any more. AVP was the biggest abortion I’ve ever seen in a movie theater.

    • Kwonkicker

      It was good- for it what it was.

      • Golic

        it was terrible for what it was. it was made for kids. it was made to sell toys. I will NEVER watch another film by Paul W. S. Anderson again.

    • Tomie Kawakami

      I don’t think people stopped taking the Alien franchise seriously because of the AvP films, technically they aren’t even installments in the franchise, so…

  • predalien3939

    One of the reasons I continue to read this website is because I constantly agree with your opinions about the Alien franchise, my favorite film series of all time.
    As I was watching Elysium this weekend, I was thinking the same thing.
    I still want there to be a Prometheus 2, but I hope they consider making Alien 5 as well. Or Hell, at least give him Prometheus 2 if anything.

  • mobstar67

    I doubt were gonna get both Prometheus and Aliens 5… the franchise is a proven moneymaker so no doubt were gonna get more…Those films by The Brothers Strauss and Paul WS Anderson were god awful…Hopefully the next installment will fall into capable hands…

  • turtle_ish_nick

    No more jesus alien 3 and 4 suck so bad there is no reason to continue. I loved how Prometheus was a fresh angle not the same old oh look the alines are killing again storyline.
    Elysium was extraordinarily flawed.

  • wildgator25

    It wouldn’t make sense to have Ripley in Alien 5…. seeing as she BURNT THE FUCK UP in Alien 3.

    Now, that being said, give me Gina Carano heading to LV426 to fuck some shit up, and I will gladly hand you my ticket money!

  • as much as i hate reboots, if blomkamp were to do an alien movie i would prefer a fresh take without sigourney weaver. the series has suffered because instead of trying to think of interesting stories or using the aliens in intriguing ways it turned into “how are we going to get sigourney back?” the star of the movie is and has always been the alien, hence the title. it’s not called aging star needs a payday or “The Chronicles of Ripley.”

    I once read an article where someone noted it’d be interesting to follow ripley in another films because there was a jekyll/hyde aspect to her where you never knew which side she’d choose… as if there was any doubt she’d stick with the humans. and i’ve heard this idea to death about ripley finding the alien homeworld for years now. so what was the point of cloning ripley to “Resurrect” the aliens if they knew there was an entire planet of them? what they just happen to find the homeworld for part 5?

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I thought District 9 was okay.
    It had some really impressive strengths, and some weaknesses.

    But I’d absolutely prefer to see Blomkamp take a crack at it then anything by ridley scott these days.
    scott is officially toast.
    Its all over.

  • kliq316

    If you want to see this film, help Fox take notice and sign this petition to get it made:

  • No more Ripley. I’m sick of Sigourney Weaver. Time for a new and better character. If they can’t even be that creative, then this should not even be made.

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