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Are Marvel And Disney Bringing Back Family Horror With Their ‘Weird’ Mystery Project?

Marvel and Disney have been promising that something “weird” is coming soon, but it’s still under tight wraps. The companies unveiled a teaser poster today that reads, “Do You Dare Enter?”. It might suggest a new comic project based on the “Museum of the Weird”, an early concept for the Haunted Mansion, which was originally supposed to be a feature film.

As far as I can tell, whatever this project is, it looks like family horror. The long-dead subgenre of family horror is in desperate need of a revival, and who better to do it than Disney who brought us flicks like The Watch In The Woods, Tower of Terror, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and a bunch more. This could very well be a comic project that is testing the waters to see if family horror is indeed worthy of pursuing. I love the family horror an unhealthy amount, and this could be a push in the right direction. What say you?

And this video showing the imagineering department and the plans for Museum of the Weird is pretty rad.



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