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10 Albums That Are Perfect For A Rainy Day!!!

Sometimes there’s nothing I enjoy more than a rainy, stormy evening and a good album to pop on and lose myself in. It’s calming, it’s soothing, and it’s the best way I’ve found to completely and utterly decompress. Admittedly it’s not that often that I have a rainy day, so I take advantage of them whenever they arise. And since we’re soon going to be heading into Fall and rainy days are on the horizon, I decided that I would compile some of my favorite albums for just such an occasion. Below is a list of my 10 Albums That Are Perfect For A Rainy Day!

White Willow – Terminal Twilight

This album tied as one of my best albums of 2011 and it’s one that I still listen to with great frequency. Each song on the album is dynamic and rich, flowing from beautiful to haunting, eerie to sublime. It’s an album that I put on, hit ‘Play’, and don’t skip a single track. I get lost in it every time and love every second.

Portishead – Dummy

Dummy is an album that, for me, has never aged. Each time I listen to it, I feel that it’s as relevant today as it was when it came out, shaping and popularizing the trip hop genre. Each song is a mysterious dark noir trip, a haunting aura pervading every note. I have not once gotten sick of this album, regardless of the fact that I’ve played it somewhere in the triple digits.

Daniel Licht – Silent Hill: Downpour OST

Whereas Licht’s work for the hit TV show Dexter has a bit of a bright, almost tropical feel to much of the music, Silent Hill: Downpour is perfectly suited for a rainy day, especially when one considers one of the game’s main mechanics. But even with that aside, the album is hypnotic, dark, and often times as unsettling as it is beautiful. Put it on during a thunderstorm and enjoy the chills that run up and down your spine.

Petter Carlsen – Clocks Don’t Count

Many of the songs on this album connected with me on a deeply personal level, causing a lot of introspection. Carlsen’s lyrics are incredibly poetic while also highly relatable. As painfully emo as this is going to sound, listening to this album during a rainy day is like watching the world weep. And if you need to weep along with it, that’s just fine.

Porcupine Tree – In Absentia

This album is one of the most important albums I have ever purchased. It brought about a profound change in how I listened to and appreciated music. Listening to this album was (and still is) a journey, gorgeous yet challenging and, ultimately, incredibly rewarding. While several tracks have some seriously heavy aspects to them, the overall mood of the album fits the rainy day theme perfectly.

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  • Herodias

    For me, a rainy day isn’t complete without some Jay-Jay Johanson.

  • xterminal

    Merzbow, Agni Hotra
    Kiyoshi Mizutani, Scenery of the Border
    Socom, Infrastructure Zero

    …all use samples of rain/storms in some of their pieces, which creates an obvious link. As far as the mournful factor, I go with…

    Raven’s Bane, Sorrow Breeds
    Lycia, Ionia
    Gorecki, Symphony No. 3

    That’s the same Porcupine Tree album my wife used to introduce me to them years ago, and I feel exactly the samw way about it, BTW.

    • xterminal


      • JonathanBarkan

        I bought it because I liked the album artwork. To this day it’s in my Top 10 albums ever. I never get sick of it.

  • Chaybee1

    Tricky Pre-Millenium Tension (yep, over Maxinquaye)
    Portishead – Portishead (only over Dummy becuase it’s darker)
    Massive Attack – Mezzanine
    Boards of Canada – Music has a Right to Children
    Alpha – Come From Heaven
    Dj Shadow – Entroducing
    Miles Davis – Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud
    Deepchord Present’s Echospace – The Coldest Season
    The Sight Below – Glider (or) It all Falls Apart
    Fantomas – Delerium cordia

    and most recently – Forest Swords – Engravings
    oOoOO – Without your Love
    Andy Stott – Luxury Problems
    Holden – The Inheritors
    Young Echo – Nexus

    • Milk

      Endtroducing is a great moody album.

  • 100% agree with Portishead, I’d also suggest Dj Krush – Jaku, Deftones – Around the Fur, and in case of a hurrcane, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Danza 4

  • Es-meister

    Really great list man. You’ve got good taste in music.
    And thanks for introducing Petter Carlsen. Great stuff!
    For me, a lot of the doomier stufff is great for rainy days. Albums such as
    October Tide – Rain without end
    Ahab – The Giant
    God is an astronaut – All is violent, all is bright
    Sólstafir – Svartir Sandar
    Les Discrets – Ariettes Oublieés..

    • JonathanBarkan

      Oh yeah, Doom is fantastic for those dark, dreary, miserable days. It just fits the mood perfectly.

  • Zombi215

    def agree w/ opeth, must add the crow ost, storm by assemblage 23, and mortician if it’s a thunderstorm

  • Lonmonster

    I don’t know a lot of these albums, but I love all the songs you posted. I’ll have to get my hands on some of these.

    • JonathanBarkan


  • Mr.Mirage

    Geez, I own several of these. Steve Wilson is a prophet of God (or whatever)…

    I was listening to Sunn O))) for a long time on rainy days, but the latest is a series of time-stretched tracks, totally ambient and ultimate shoe-gaze.

  • twisted

    IAM – Bol is an amazing album
    Apoptose – Bannwald, Schattenmaedchen
    Fields of Aplomb – Nekromanteia
    Midnight Syndicate – Carnival Arcane
    Dan Licht – Dexter complete soundtrack and score

  • lovezoid

    Funny, I was listening to Portishead ‘Third’ the other day for the first time in a while with a friend and we were discussing how ageless their music is, aside from a few of the production elements and songs like ‘Machine Gun’, the songs could’ve come out anywhere between the 60s and today.

  • sinjin_samhain

    The Cure – Disintegration

  • Milk

    Genelec & Memphis Reigns – Scorpion Circles
    Cunninlynguists – Southernunderground
    Atmosphere – Lucy Ford

    Just sayin.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I haven’t listened to those. I’ll be sure to check them out!

  • silenthillboy

    Mazzy Star – Among My Swan

    • JonathanBarkan

      Oooh, very nice.

  • Lou

    Damnation was the first I thought of when I saw this article. Great call on In Absentia too.

    I would also offer up the following…

    Lunatic Soul – S/T (side project from Riverside’s vocalist)

    Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

    Pain of Salvation – 12 : 25

    • JonathanBarkan

      Nice ones!

  • Feonix

    Beck – Sea Change. You are welcome.

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