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Is ‘The Green Inferno’ Eli Roth’s Most Violent Movie Yet?!

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the word on Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno after its Midnight Madness premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival. While I wasn’t crazy about Aftershock, I’m a pretty big fan of every feature Roth has directed. He reached a high point with Hostel 2 so I’m definitely excited to see where he goes next.

Just as exciting is the news (via Badass Digest and the TIFF Blog) that the MPAA has declared the violence in the film is “aberrant.” As in, “departing from an accepted standard.” As in it’s a notch up from his earlier works since none of them gained that distinction.

Per TIFF, “Check out Roth’s past MPAA scorecards. His violence started as “strong,” then went to “brutal,” then “sadistic,” and finally to The Green Inferno’s particularly evocative “aberrant.” That’s called “growing as a filmmaker.”

The official MPAA rating? “Rated R for aberrant violence and torture, grisly disturbing images, brief graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use.” Sounds like the cannibals don’t take it easy on those students!!



  • pyrepunk

    The more I hear about this movie the more I’m anticipating getting to see it, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. As a fan of Cannibal Holocaust, I’m pretty interested in seeing how this turns out.

  • Ravinus

    What? Not NC-17? Even Evil Dead pulled that off.

    • EvanDickson

      @Ravinus – I’m fairly sure it was an NC-17 cut down to an R for GREEN INFERNO

    • Nightflyre9

      I can’t imagine how Evil Dead received and NC-17 before cuts, because the film I saw in the theater isn’t particularly violent and is absolutely not scary or disturbing in any way, shape, or form. Definitely looking forward to seeing the uncut version, although I doubt it will barely make a difference.

      • Jasonicus

        That’s because you were watching Despicable Me 2. Dummy.

        • Nightflyre9

          That wasn’t remotely funny, nor did it make a shred of sense. Fuck off, idiot.

  • djblack1313

    i DO think Roth has become a pretty good director. i think his HOSTEL 2 direction-wise was very good (the movie was ok too). that being said, i’m into this type of movie (cannibalism). so i’ll be passing on it but i hope it’s good.

    • MovieGeek

      You’re into this type of film but you’re passing on it? OK…

      • djblack1313

        MovieGeek, LOL. i should have proof read my comment. i meant

        “i’m NOT into this type of movie (cannibalism), so i’ll be passing on it…”


  • diapers

    Eli Roth rules! For me, his highest of high points was the gridhouse “Thanksgiving” trailer. Aftershock blew, hard, but hey, he didn’t direct. Here’s hoping this new flick makes it through mpaa intact.

    • divisionbell

      Thanksgiving was a stroke of brilliance! Can’t wait to see what he does next. Hopefully it’s better than hostel 2.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Although I really didn’t like Hostel 2 and can’t handle cannibalism movies, I loved Cabin Fever- I’ll give this one a shot if the word of mouth is good.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Didn’t like Cabin Fever, loved Hostel I and II. I love Eli Roth so I’ll definitely be watching this. He was the only reason to watch Aftershock.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Cannibal movies haven’t been done to death like the other sub-genres so this could have a chance to really shine. I like Eli and the intensity he can bring to his films. Cant wait to hear what people think.

  • BadCrumbs

    I call bullshit on this. If it were that “aberrant” it would have been rated NC-17 and would have not gotten an R until it was trimmed of its so called brutal and sadistic violence. I’m thinking this whole thing has been planned and carried out from the inside to mimic the whole outrage and banning of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST back in the late 70’s. And since this movie is influenced by that film and other films like it that were released in a ten year span I think its a safe bet. With that being said, I do want to see it. I LOVE Cabin Fever and I enjoyed Hostel I & II, and I’d like to see what Eli Roth will do with the cannibal sub genre. Its a sub genre that hasn’t really been touched since its heyday all those years ago.

  • mobstar67

    this genre has been touched in the past decade but i admit it hasnt been touched well..Dimension released Welcome To The Jungle in 2007 probably the most recent cannibal film which wasnt horrible but was a “found footage” type of not sure if thats what Roth has in store but im kinda tired of found footage so i hope its not…
    i like the way he gets bashed for films like Aftershock but in reality he’s only directed a handful of features..

  • Zombie-Killa

    Eli Roth’s most violent movie? I don’t think we’ll ever be able to answer that question until Roth decides to stop directing, producing, and writing all together.

    I LOVED Hostel, and as far as blood and gore goes, I thought things couldn’t possibly get ANY worse after that film. But I was wrong. The scene where Lorna is literally sliced open by that creepy lady, and she bathes in her blood afterwards. And the ending with Beth ripping Stewart’s genitals off, feeding them to the dog, and saying “let him bleed to death”? yikes! And those are just two of the most obvious examples! lol.

    I haven’t seen Aftershock, but as far as brutality and gore go, I’ve heard it’s pretty bad. Although, I saw the trailers, and they did absolutely nothing for me, so I haven’t made a real effort to find the movie.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, that Lorna scene was SOOOOOOOO horrific and heartbreaking, thanks in large part to awesome Heather Matarazzo’s performance (and of course Eli’s fine directing/cinematography!).

      i can’t handle torture films but i do think HOSTEL II is Eli’s best looking/most competently directed movies to date.

  • doomas10

    I guess I belong in the minority but I think that Roth is highly overrated. Cabin fever was ok but packed with terrible performances and make up effects. As for the now infamous hostels, direction wise they were pretty generic with dislikeable characters and horrible plot. Having said that, I will still check it out 😀

  • WeberIsWhite

    Very excited to see this, got my ticket for the second TIFF showing!!

  • coldblood

    I can only think of two other good cannibal movies – CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and WE ARE WHAT WE ARE.

    Hopefully this will be in that league.

  • viking1983

    eli roth is a hack, he ruined modern horror with torture porn films, he should stick to acting and not making films

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