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25 Horrifying Minutes From The Scariest Game Of 2013!

It’s official, I’m calling it. Outlast, the upcoming survival horror/stealth hybrid from developer Red Barrels is the scariest game of 2013. The only competitor that has a chance of dethroning it is Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and boy, has the bar been raised. You can look forward to my review and a playthrough of the first twenty or so minutes when Outlast comes to Steam on September 4th.

Until then, I suggest you turn off the lights, lock the door, crank up the volume and enjoy my 25 minute-long playthrough of the brand new demo that’s currently being shown off at PAX Prime. I’ll try and keep the screaming to a minimum, I promise.

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  • Kwonkicker

    Dude you like lived EVERY horror cliché in the first five minutes lmao

  • MaliceinWhateverland

    So ready for this game to
    be released!

  • Pav

    Few days to enter the Mount Massive Asylum. Can’t wait…

  • Skullbone

    I think I saw the people from IGN play this and they video taped the staff members playing and ‘getting scared’. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed.

  • doomas10

    OMG this is awesome – Adam, so lucky to play this! I have to wait till 2014 to play this? Unfair!!!

    • Adam Dodd

      Or you can get it when Outlast comes to PC on the 4th!

      • doomas10

        I have a tiny laptop with not many capabilities! Goddamn, I have to wait. You have played both Amnesia and Outlast! When you finish them both, it would be ace to do a comparison 🙂

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