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Review: ‘Uncanny’ #3

Dynamite Entertainment’s crime launch has been flying under most comic reader’s radar. Garth Ennis’ Red Team has been superb so far, but it failed to light the sales charts on fire. Now, writer Andy Diggle is the next to take the plunge in the seedy streets of Dynamite’s crime line with “Uncanny”. With just three issues of under his belt, Diggle already has readers locked and loaded for this caper.

WRITTEN BY: Andy Diggle
ART BY: Aaron Campbell
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: August 28, 2013

The premise for the book is very familiar, but Diggle and Campbell do their best to put a unique spin on things to keep it from being predictable. The book introduces us to Weaver, a man born with an ‘uncanny’ ability to absorb people’s skill sets and memories for a brief period of time. Rather than use his powers for the betterment of mankind, Weaver uses them to lie, cheat and steal as a thief-for-hire. After a job at a casino goes horribly wrong, Weaver gets bailed out by a mysterious assassin employed by Deacon Styles. After pulling Weaver’s butt out of the fire, Styles offers him a half million dollars to put a stop to shady think-tank organization that aims to build an army of soldiers with latent abilities like Weaver’s. Weaver is stuck in the middle between two massive corporations vying for the ability to activate humans with super powers.

‘Uncanny’ plays to all of Andy Diggle’s strengths as a writer. The book has already established the perfect balance between character development and action in just three issues. The pacing of this book is fantastic, as Diggle peels back the layers of this book slowly, to keep readers engaged at every turn of the page. There is a feeling here that Diggle building something grandiose for Weaver as he navigates through the choppy waters of this complex mystery.

The mood of the story and characters is perfectly captured by the artwork by Aaron Campbell. His style is a cross between Sean Phillips (Fatale) and Michael Lark (Lazarus, Gotham Central), but his simplistic approach is enhanced by Campbell’s expert use of contrast within each panel. Campbell is the perfect partner in crime for Diggle as his artwork truly brings the story to life.

If you are a fan of Criminal or Gotham Central than this book is the perfect addition to your pull list, as ‘Uncanny’ delivers all the key components of a good crime book. Readers should take note and pick up ‘Uncanny’, as it continues to rise to the top of ‘must read’ pile every month.

4/5 Skulls



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