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[Indie Horror Spotlight] The First 25 Minutes Of ‘Outlast’

Want to see the first half hour of the fantastically creepy horror game Outlast? If my playthrough of its PAX demo wasn’t enough to satiate your appetite for me screaming whilst playing horror games — you freak — there are a few good scares to enjoy in this video.

Developed by Red Barrels, this is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played and it’s easily the most terrifying game of the year (so far). Enjoy another dose of Outlast after the break!

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  • Adam, I can’t thank you enough for reviewing this game. Inspired me to buy it. I think I’m almost done already, however I have never played a game that made me jump as much as this did. Dead Space 2 is still my absolute favorite, but Outlast is a close second.

    • Adam Dodd

      I’m glad you bought it! I’d have to agree. Outlast is pretty high up on my list of incredible horror games, but Dead Space is still one of my all-time favorites. I’ll never forget how paranoid I was during my first time walking through the bloodied halls of the USG Ishimura…

      • And the ending: Classic. Part 2 wasn’t as classic as the first, but enhanced everything the first did so well, not to mention my wife can’t stand it if I say “make us whole! “

  • Pav

    I like Outlast. It’s very good horror game. Perfect mix of Condemned (atmosphere)and Dead Space (tension). But there are two very important things that could be better: More challenging objectives (which are too generic in my feeling). And why this game is so damn short?

  • Anna Claire

    Hearing you say oh shit makes me feel less girly about saying oh shit. So there’s that.

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