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[TIFF ’13 Review] Mike Pereira Says Alex Aja’s ‘Horns’ Goes For the Knockout!

Celebrating his tenth year in covering the Toronto International Film Festival for Bloody Disgusting, it feels a bit like fate that Mike Pereira is writing about Alex Aja’s newest genre flick, Horns, which stars Daniel Radcliffe as a young man who awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples. Ten years ago, Mike was one of the first ever to attend a film festival and write about it on the Web – he personally helped Bloody Disgusting become the largest horror website in the world. His first review ever? How about Alex Aja’s breakthrough French slasher Haute Tension? Talk about full circle…

In his review of Horns, Mike explains that Aja doesn’t throw jabs, he goes straight for the knockout punch: “I always feel unsettled and untrusting in Aja because of his tendency to hit the viewer hard without a hint of notice. That tension is present all throughout Horns,” he writes. “When the violence explodes, you’ll no doubt react. KNB EFX has done yet another first-rate job especially with Ig’s ever-changing make-up. The ambitious CGI work is also very impressive.

With Horns, Aja has shown his greatest leap as a filmmaker thus far,” he adds. “Horns is an audacious, wonderfully twisted romantic horror fantasy. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen and probably will see from the genre in some time.

Watch for more out of TIFF in the coming week. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikePereira21.




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