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Review: ‘Eternal Warrior’ #1

One of the best things about the re-launch of the Valiant universe is that readers have become passionate about characters that they might not have previously had an affinity for. While “Eternal Warrior” did have a 50-issue run under the old Valiant banner, the book failed to generate the excitement that the character truly deserved. That is all about to change with “Eternal Warrior” #1, as Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine deliver a powerful debut issue for the re-launch of this character.

ART BY: Trevor Hairsine
PUBLISHER: Valiant Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: September 11th, 2013

Writer Greg Pak truly elevates the “Eternal Warrior” to new heights and makes the title more than just another warrior’s tale. Here he takes the violent swordplay of “300” and fused it with the stunning complexity of Game of Thrones. Pak does a great job of incorporating all the mythology Gilad Anni-Padda’s immortality in with all big sweeping action sequences. Here we get to see Gilad rise up into the role of a true leader as he leads his team of warriors into battle against the Lord of Darkness, Negral. Pak also lays the groundwork for future issues here right out of the gate by setting the stage for the conflict between Eternal Warrior and his daughter.

Artist Trevor Hairsine is perfectly suited to draw a book like “Eternal Warrior”. His hyper detailed artwork has maximum impact in this issue, as Hairsine is hacking-and-slashing through violent action scenes. Hairsine also nails the emotional moments here, as you seen the pain in Gilad Anni-Padda’s eyes when his loved ones ripped from him during the throes of war. Overall this is the best artwork that Hairsine has done for Valiant yet.

Valiant has done it again by reviving a classic character in “Eternal Warrior” and giving it a modern twist to make it relevant to today readers. “Eternal Warrior” is packed with enough fast paced action, plot twists, and sword-swinging to keep readers hungry for the next issue.

3.5/5 Skulls



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